Joker Xue's face was stiff when he spoke from the cool dog channel of the sound partner.

Oriental Infotainment 2021-10-14 04:00:13

9 month 14 Japan , Jiangsu Satellite TV and program interactive platform cool dog music , The original Star element created by heavy weight plays a stage reality show 《 Yinlang partner 》 premiere ! The three sound wave conveners made great moves together , Su Youpeng joined hands “ The great demon sound wave group ” Blast change Divine Comedy 《 Get an electric shock 》, Set off evil “ Brainwashing ” Soundbyte ; Joker Xue and “ Big player sound wave group ” form “ The skyscraper ”, Shocking ; Wang Jiaer and “ Wang fried sound wave group ” Deduce Chinese style + Rap 《red》, Burn the whole audience !

Su yupeng 、 Joker Xue 、 Wang Jiaer, the three sound wave conveners, in order to get the scene “ partner ” People's favor , stay solo The link can be described as doing everything . Final , Through the cool dog channel 300 position “ partner ”, According to the performance of the artist's big show, they chose their favorite “ Sound wave convener ”, And work together to complete 24 Hour creative show extreme challenge .

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