Aunt Pao broke the news: Yang Mi and Yang Ying tear it up? Song Qian busy auditioning? Zhang Xincheng plays soy sauce? Huang Xinying withdrew from the circle? Wu Xize

Oriental Infotainment 2021-10-14 03:58:51

1: Yang Mi and Yang Ying tear open ?

Yang Mi and Yang Ying showed their sisterhood from time to time last year , But the private competition between the two is still very fierce , Especially among fans , There is always a wave of war , Multifaceted ridicule . In fact, their route is really not too bumpy , Especially in the film and television circle , Yang Mi is mainly busy shooting his own works and bringing new people , Yang Ying is fighting for other film and television resources .

2: Song Qian is busy auditioning ?

Song Qian's audience popularity is very low , But there is no shortage of resources , One female number one play after another , The hero configuration is not bad . She still likes acting very much , Although the acting skills need to be improved , But word of mouth is gradually improving . She's busy filming on the set right now , During the audition, the performance was very good .

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