Big flower filming depends on P chart? Jin Dong is very popular? Zhang Bo doesn't shoot? Sun Yizhou was added by the teacher? Aunt Q & A

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Fairies , Good evening !

Brain burn time starts , The fairies who handed in the white papers , You can watch the comments , The truth emperor often hides in it !

Before that, aunt Tai mentioned the comeback of rich girls many times , On the bright side, it looks like a paste coffee that can't turn over , But there is no such shortage of resources in private , Fashion resources also have some , Film and television resources are mainly from Hollywood .

The big Hollywood play , Aunt also said it was a little hanging . After paying a huge fee , Rich girls are also restricted from traveling . According to a source , The rich sister has no approval to go to the American crew to participate in the shooting . The show had planned to change people , But after communicating with the rich sister , Choose to spend money to shoot with face recognition technology . in other words , It's also true that the rich sister doesn't come to the shooting scene OK Of .

( Protect our aunt , The little bitches eat melons in a low-key way , Never type your name in the comments !!!)

Aunt too , Jin Dong's material , Tell me more about him , The popularity in the circle is very poor

Jin Dong made a lot of foreign appearances , Good acting is a big bug, But other aspects are excellent , Especially at work , Jin Dong is very dedicated , Extreme cooperation , They are also very demanding of themselves . I said before , He also has requirements for cooperative actors , The performance was bad , Not to mention the director , He can't get through with him , Also take the initiative to play against each other , Give some performance experience . In the circle , Jin Dong's popularity is not bad , Good for friends .

Aunt too , Want to hear from Zhang Bo , Play the Qin Empire , I think he's handsome and has acting skills, but he's not hot

Zhang Bo is in the circle of drama , The popularity and popularity are very low , But he has his own national degree , Excellent audience . He has a lot of resources , The price is not high , Sometimes there are three or four plays a year , There are also some word-of-mouth works .

Aunt too aunt too , Sun Yizhou's resources

Sun Yizhou's resources are generally , I also compare Buddhism , Occasionally I can receive some good film and television resources , But it's never a male number one role . A spy drama starring sun Yizhou , The number of episodes is quite long , It has been bought by first-line satellite TV , Book a star play . Sun Yizhou's character is really not the outgoing style of ziqiao , I'm actually quite curtily , At school , The teacher doesn't worry less about him , Even professional courses are special training alone .

Fairies , Who do you want to see , Or I want to give it to my aunt , Please leave a message in the comment area .

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