Quan hongchan's left hand is hurt! Fans hope red sister will get better soon and don't affect the state of training and competition

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Quan hongchan performed very well in this year's world competition , It has become the most popular in China's sports industry , The talented girl Quan hongchan didn't think of it , In a month , She can gain a large number of fans , Fans are watching the little girl , Now Quan hongchan is no longer the unknown nobody , She has become a popular person on the Internet .

Quan hongchan is not idle during her vacation , She went to the amusement park with her senior brother , This is a good chance for her to realize her dream , Because Quan hongchan once said , She has never been to an amusement park , I can come to the amusement park with my senior brother during my vacation , Quan hongchan's mood can be imagined , Quan hongchan played the game of catching dolls that she had been thinking about .

After the video of Quan hongchan playing the game was exposed , Quan hongchan's small hand has aroused the envy of many netizens , Because it's too long and too thin . however , Sharp eyed netizens still found a problem , That is Quan hongchan's left hand seems to be hurt , Because there's a band aid on your left hand , How did Quan hongchan get hurt ? I guess I accidentally cut my hand in the process of playing .

See this scene , Fans who like Quan hongchan hope their idol can get better soon , Although it's just a small injury , But for Quan hongchan , She must be careful , Never let the wound get worse , After all, Quan hongchan is now a national treasure athlete ,, Her health is very important for the Chinese diving team , I believe the Chinese diving team will help Quan hongchan deal with the wound .

Of course , What we hope most is that this minor injury will not affect Quan hongchan's training state , Because Quan hongchan's competition task this year is over , But next year she will have an impact on higher goals , For Quan hongchan , The pressure on the body is still very great , If you want to win more titles , Quan hongchan must go all out , It is believed that the young Quan hongchan can handle the pressure , Make more brilliant achievements in the future .

source : Sports intellectuals

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