Youqilin was invited to participate in the first ubucon Asia 2021 to share open source experience with open source communities all over Asia!

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2021 year 9 month 26 Japan , Youqilin community was invited to participate by Ubuntu Asian community user organization “UbuCon Asia 2021” , This online event gathered... From all over Asia Ubuntu Open source community Daniel and fans , Share their home country Ubuntu Community development and practice cases . As an invited open source community in China , The engineers of youqilin community brought wonderful speeches .



First, it was brought by Zhang Chao, R & D Manager of youqilin community 《 In tablet mode UKUI 3.0 Technology sharing (UKUI3 Technology Sharing In Tablet Mode)》.UKUI 3.0 It was developed by the Kirin team based on Linux Distribution's lightweight desktop environment . In addition to the traditional desktop mode , Flat panel mode is also provided , Meet the needs of various scenarios . Zhang Chao shared at the meeting UKUI How to increase the experience and achievements in support of tablet form , And its future plans .



The theme sharing brought by Chang Bingshan, an engineer of youqilin community, is 《 How to promote the development of Chinese minority languages in Ubuntu Localization on (Promote Ubuntu localization of the ethnic minorities in China.)》, It introduces in detail how the Kirin team handled the process of Tibetan Chinese localization last year . It includes huge translation management 、 The open source community works with universities , And the localization of other ethnic minorities in China .



The theme shared by Wang Yueliang, a qilin software engineer, is 《openEuler Community's open source compliance practices (Open source compliance practice of the openEuler community)》, He said ,openEuler The community has been exploring and practicing open source compliance for a period of time , It has formed a development road with its own characteristics , And I'm honored to pass UbuCon Asia 2021 Communicate with more open source partners .



《UbuCon Asia 2021》 It also provides an online exhibition hall , Convenient for all from all over Asia Ubuntu Community and enthusiasts communicate and play , The exclusive booth of youqilin community is in “E2” Area , You can say hello to any character 、 Conduct public screen communication , You can even initiate a voice call , It greatly increases the interest of this online communication .


Youqilin open source operating system as Ubuntu Officially recognized Chinese derivative , since 2013 Since its release , Issued accumulatively  18  A version , Download more than  3600  Ten thousand times , Contribute code to the open source community Millions of lines , By Linux、Debian、Ubuntu、OpenStack、Ceph Received by the international open source community patch exceed  7320  individual , Have... On a global scale Hundreds of thousands Active users .

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