JetBrains publishes the raw data of the developer ecosystem survey in 2021

Programming China News 2021-10-14 03:03:46

before , This site reports  JetBrains The fifth annual developer ecosystem Raw data .

Official expression , Despite previous investigation report The main results have been summarized , But it doesn't contain all the valuable conclusions and interesting data fragments , A large number of undiscovered facts and trends are still hidden in the data set , For example, different countries / Differences between developers in different regions , Or based on the European Social Survey Schwartz’s Scale  About human values . So publish the Raw data set , For interested users to analyze .

It is reported that , The data set includes a total of 30,000 Multiple survey responses , And the data has been anonymized , Does not contain any personal or geographic details . Besides , To prevent identification of any individual interviewee , All open fields have been deleted , And collect less than 15 Merge options into   " other " In category .

Interested users can mine data to get more information , And relevant contents can be quoted when the source is indicated .

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