Official release of wechat Android 8.0.15: Group folding function launched

Programming China News 2021-10-14 03:03:07

But tested by netizens , This version does add the long-awaited group folding function , Users can choose to collapse some group chats in the chat list , These folded groups will be fixed in a fixed position on the chat list , Will not be pushed up by new news .

Besides , You can also do it in “ Don't disturb ” The group that pays the most attention to 4 Group members , You will receive a reminder when you receive their message .

In recent days, , Wechat has also launched the latest online model suitable for the elderly —— Caring model . Larger text , Clearer ; Stronger color , Better recognition ; The button is bigger , Easier to use .

Download address :

WeChat Android 8.0.15 Official version

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