What does BAIC Blue Valley do? Does BAIC Blue Valley stock have potential

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BAIC Blue Valley shares Investment value analysis , BAIC Blue Valley shares, thousands of shares and thousands of comments .

1、 BAIC Blue Valley ; Main business : Research and development of pure electric passenger vehicles and core parts 、 production 、 Sales and services . Concept board : unmanned 、 Huawei concept ; From the news side : BAIC new energy, a subsidiary, signed a comprehensive business deepening cooperation agreement with Huawei ; This must be good for the company , So today's limit , This cooperation is that the two companies jointly produce a new brand model , The two sides should complement each other based on their respective advantages , Cooperate to create a new automobile brand ; This thing mainly involves fundamentals , Nor is it clear in one or two sentences , In addition, this is a long-term thing , What is the impact on the company's share price ? It's hard to say. , At least now the new energy sector has been fried , So this is not good , Maybe the short-term stock price also changes , But sustainability is hard to say . Look at the technical form :

2、 Technical side , Today's trading limit opened , There is an open limit in the middle , But it was sealed back , However, it is still shrinking for the time being , As long as the daily limit is not opened today , It depends on tomorrow , If it continues to rise sharply tomorrow , You'll see 14-15 A key pressure level , If you can't break through this pressure level , We should pay attention to the short-term adjustment , So this ticket is very important tomorrow . Once you can't continue to rise sharply and break through the pressure level , In the short term, we should focus on controlling risks .


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