Does ECS provide operational advantages for small businesses?

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Clouds are everywhere , Changing our way of life . More and more of the TV and movies we watch come from cloud based applications , for example Video website 、 Network information platform and Short video and other services . Many of us listen to music streaming from the cloud on our mobile devices .

Baidu search and Microsoft Office 365 Based on Web Our service offerings used to reside in PC Office applications on , And automatic backup and storage of documents . They also provide very useful sharing capabilities for collaborative work . For very small businesses , The low cost and simplicity offered are very attractive .

However , Larger SMEs need more flexible cloud solutions to access rack space . This is the main advantage of ECS services . The cloud doesn't spend scarce capital expenditures on hardware and applications you can't determine what you need , Instead, you can choose to “ rent ” Hardware and Applications .

Amazon Web Services Is a good example of an integrated cloud solution , It created “ Variable cost ” Pricing model , Including pay as you go without contractual commitments .

Buy as many as you want , When to buy . No long-term contract , No capital constraints . result : Great need for flexibility .

In more and more joint office space ( for example WeWork) In a start-up that shares an office or desk , Clouds are almost ubiquitous .com . They don't worry about investment in real estate , And happy to run their entire... In the cloud IT operating . Their only resource is terminal equipment 、 mobile phone 、 Tablets and laptops , And the employees who use them .

This agility can shorten time to market , Think more about marketing and building business . If used properly , It allows small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain the kind of resources owned by large enterprises . Something that couldn't have happened twenty years ago .

Let others worry about your... As you build your business IT The concept of infrastructure is very compelling , But be careful .

Except at the micro business level , The cloud is not a single scale solution . For any consideration will IT、 For people who move applications and data to the cloud , Applicability and safety are the primary considerations . Select image AWS Such a provider with huge economies of scale may offer you a low price , But not necessarily a service tailored to your specific business . You may need a smaller 、 More focused providers . Do your research .

Simply moving data or processes to the cloud without due diligence is asking for trouble . How secure is your cloud provider ? You have to know .

According to a recent survey by the Department of business innovation and skills ,2014 In, the number of enterprises using cloud storage and hosting business critical applications increased 7%, But violations related to cloud computing services have also increased .

Although headlines often focus on violations by big companies such as Sony or JPMorgan , But cybercriminals are also actively targeting small businesses . Usually , These vulnerabilities will be discovered by identified cyber criminals at cloud providers .

however , Even if the data is stolen , If the data is encrypted , Damage can also be limited . Some cloud providers provide this functionality , But many do not offer , You need to ensure the encryption quality provided . One option is to separate the storage and encryption functions .

Now you can use managed encryption services provided by advanced encryption technology experts . The service effectively sits on top of the data in the cloud , As an additional layer , Provide you with first-class data protection and peace of mind .

therefore , Selecting a cloud provider should always include 、 Its records and built-in security types ( If there is ) Due diligence . If they can't provide the assurance you want , Please go away .

If your business processes any form of personal or financial data , You need to absolutely ensure the integrity of this data in the cloud . In the eyes of the law , The responsibility for data lies with the data controller —— That's you , No matter how small your business is . Your customers and partners want you to protect the data they put anywhere .

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