Autumn tiger

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Summer is gone , autumn , The sun shines high , Chrysanthemums are everywhere . Although there is no hot summer sun , But the autumn tiger in the summer season is really unbearable !

The crops in the fields have gradually changed from green to yellow , Corn cobs droop their heads , Autumn butterflies fly lazily . The trees on the roadside also lost their old vitality , The blade is too lazy to move . The cicada on the tree seems to be shouting “ Too hot , Too hot ……”

The villagers had breakfast , It's done . People who like to exercise , They went out of their homes . Because of the poisonous sun , People on the road , Some use their hands to block the sun , Some are wearing parasols , Some cover their heads with clothes , No more leisurely walking on weekdays . But , Not far away , I'm sweating , I had to go under the shade to avoid the cool day ……

On the hillside , Grazing cattle and sheep , Later I ran to the shade of the tree , Later I ran to the field , It's like playing hide and seek with the Shepherd . The heat is unbearable , The shepherd's head was wrapped in a wet towel , With a whip in one hand , One holds a water bottle , And drink water from time to time , Sweat has already soaked the back of the clothes . The shepherd dog at the shepherd's command , Stick out your tongue , run around here and there , be conscientious and responsible .

Under the big tree at the head of the village , White haired old people enjoying the cool , Some chat while pulling up their skirts and fanning the wind , Some drink water while wiping the sweat flowing down their faces .

“ Tell me , What happened to the old man , The beginning of autumn is over , In summer , The high temperature doesn't decrease !”

“ Yeah ! Yeah ! This time of the year , It's cool .”

“ Ha ha ha …… That's the autumn tiger this year. It's awesome ! Hot spot good ! The crops are maturing fast !”

“ If the weather is cold , Stay until Bailu comes , An autumn rain, a cold !”

Several old people kept sighing !

At this time , Grandma Li led her grandson out for a walk , Also came to the shade .

“ Ouch , Why did you bring your grandson out ?” Aunt Zhang said hello .

“ The weather is too hot , I'll let the children play in the house ! Can also avoid the sun ! Who knows this grandson is not obedient ! You have to come out ! Ha ha ha ……” Granny Li's hearty laughter , Broke the atmosphere of boredom caused by the hot weather .

That's exactly what it is. :

After autumn, the tiger has great power , The flowers and plants are dry, keep your head down

Cattle and sheep look for grass to catch fans , The dog spits out his tongue to protect the sheep

There is no cloud, no wind and rain in the air , Sweat drops on the back of the shepherd's clothes

When will the scorching sun go , The autumn rain greeted the White Dew with a smile

( remarks : Written in the summer after the beginning of autumn )

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