It has been filed twice and officially changed its name. Is "fairy sword and chivalry 4" really coming?

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 11:01:33

The birth of a classic , It will be unforgettable to many people , Whether it's for the actors in the works , Or the work itself , Its achievements and height are beyond the reach of many works , And actors can also get more attention and love with this work , Smoothly promote the development of their own performing arts career . When it comes to the works that many young audiences like , Maybe Xianxia's works are more representative , In especial 《 Fairy sword legend 》, It can be said that it is an irreplaceable classic in the eyes of all audiences .

And it's no exaggeration to say , Mainly the actors who have the opportunity to play in this series , Basically, they can become popular , For example, the Hu Ge that everyone likes very much , Liu Yifei , Yang Mi , Liu Shishi , Yuan Hong , Tang Yan and others have played , Although some works may be controversial , But generally speaking, it is still a classic in everyone's mind , But now we are more concerned about the latest 《 Fairy sword legend 4》, Because the news about the upcoming shooting of this work has appeared on the Internet many times , But there is no final conclusion .

According to previous rumors and relevant reports , Last time I heard about the play, it seemed that it was still 2018 So far this year , Three years have passed , So we don't know whether this work is going to be shot or not , However, the relevant information about this work has changed in the past two days , Because the second filing publicity has been successfully completed .

according to the understanding of , The shooting process of the new play has indeed experienced ups and downs , In this preparatory process, I changed 5 Bo screenwriter , Rename once , Now it is finally completed by new media sincere products for filing and publicity , Estimated investment 3.21 Billion . Works in 2016 It was decided to change its name to 《 Tianhe biography 》, The plot revolves around the protagonist Yun Tianhe and tells the Frank character Yun Tianhe , In order to find their own life experience, they have experienced ups and downs , After making friends with Han Lingsha and Liu Mengli , Embarked on the road of saving the world .

besides , The report also said that the number of new episodes is 40 Set , This year 9 Power on in month . So many netizens said they were looking forward to it , After all, the front line of the play is really a little long , It's over now 5 Years of time . Although there is not much information about actors at present , But according to the relevant lineup disclosed by a platform , The director of this work is Zhu Ruibin , The male and female stars are Chen Zheyuan and Peng Xiaoran , So their partner is worth looking forward to .

Chen Zheyuan and Peng Xiaoran are both hot new generation actors in the current entertainment circle , Their film and television works have received good reviews , Especially Peng Xiaoran before 《 The hermitage 》 Performance in , It can be said to be quite brilliant , Recently, the TV series starring Chen Zheyuan has also won the attention and discussion of many netizens , Properly promoted to traffic hero . Although there were not many intersections in this circle two years ago , But now we have the opportunity to cooperate with new works, which has attracted much attention , I believe they will also spark a different spark in their new works .

There is no denying that ,《 Fairy sword legend 》 It is indeed an irreplaceable classic in the eyes of the audience , So everyone's expectations are very high , I hope both Chen Zheyuan and Peng Xiaoran can seize this opportunity , Because not everyone has the opportunity to appear such a classic work . I don't know what you think two people will do ? Do you expect the work to be broadcast soon ?

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