The second public stage of "cutting through thorns" is excellent, and Dawan District ranks second temporarily. Yan Chengxu group was hit by dimensionality reduction

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and 《 My sister 》 cut from the same cloth , Assembled 32 A reality show by a male artist 《 My brother 》 Once broadcast, it set off a viewing boom , While the topic of the program is soaring , It has also achieved a very excellent reputation . From guest lineup to stage effect 、 Background lights and all the details , Have been unanimously praised by the audience .

9 month 9 Japan ,《 My brother 》 Updated section 5 Phase positive , The much anticipated second round of public performance has finally come . Need to know ,《 Break open a way through bramble and Thistle 》 The first show is amazing , The first round of public performance was controversial because of the selection of music , The effect presented is much lower than the expectation of the audience , And the level of the second round of public performance concert returns again , In the first half 4 Both performances are amazing .

According to the program rules ,“ Er Gong ” The competition will be divided into two rounds in the first half and the second half , At the end of each round , A thousand spectators will choose the two favorite stages to vote , Two rounds total 8 When all the stages are over , There will also be a team of scalding experts to add firepower to the top three performances , Public voting plus expert voting is the total score of the brothers' second round of public performance .

Compared with the first round of public performance , After the second public meeting, there will be 3 My brother is leaving the stage , So this game is very important .

Because the remaining firepower value of Chen Xiaochun tribe ranks first , So they have an advantage in choosing the order of play , This time they didn't choose the first to play , But both rounds are the final stage . In contrast, Yan Chengxu group with the lowest firepower value has no right to choose , Only the first opening , Plus the lack of highlights in their first performance , As a result, they were directly hit by the other three groups of dimensionality reduction .

First , Lin Hui and ouyangjing alliance had problems in arranging troops , Huang Guanzhong 、 Lin Hui 、 Ouyangjing's three powerful factions are all arranged in vocal On the show , The strength of singing and dancing performance is weak , Yan Chengxu 、 Zhang Yunlong's limbs are uncoordinated , Liu duanduanduan 、 Aogou and McHenry are not too amazing in singing and dancing , There is no advantage against the other three groups .

As far as the performance effect is concerned , Yan Chengxu et al 《 Tamed elephant 》 The compasses , Singing and dancing are common , I can't support the set , Overall, there are no impressive points .

Lee Seung Hyun and Zhang Jin Alliance are the second to appear , They sent Zhang Qi this time 、 Bai Jigang and who withdrew from the competition , Three people challenge the of Peking Opera 《 The wu is empty 》, Zhang Qi's voice is thick , Bai JUGANG sings very steadily , The overall collocation is natural , Very shocking .

Zhao Wenzhuo and Lin Zhixuan made their third appearance , They sent Lin Zhixuan 、 Hu Haiquan 、 Liu Jia and hot dog perform 《 Under the clouds 》, Lin Zhixuan is still kneeling , Take control of the whole audience , Liu Jia's harmony with Hu Haiquan is perfect , Finally, the hot dog rap pushed the atmosphere of the whole song to a climax . It is worth noting that , This time Lin Zhixuan “ reform ” Hot dogs are very successful , The rap part is not only not dry , And elegant .

Chen Xiaochun and Bridget joined the finale , Except Lin Xiaofeng , The whole crew came on stage to perform 《 The past can only be recalled 》, The whole stage is divided into three areas , Jordan Chan 、 Xie Tianhua and Liang Hanwen are the atmosphere area , Zhang Zhilin is the performance area , and GAI And Bridget for the rap area , The three regions have their own characteristics and integrate with each other , Both beautiful singing and dramatic , Never lose “ One male ” Of 《3189》.

On the whole , The last three performances are directly enchanted , Yan Chengxu's performance was forgotten .

The result of the vote is true , Zhang Jin Alliance 《 The wu is empty 》 With 571 The ticket ranks first , Dawan District 《 The past can only be recalled 》 get 536 Tickets are in second place , Lin Zhixuan's group 《 Under the clouds 》 With 467 The ticket ranks third , And Yan Chengxu's group 《 Tamed elephant 》 Bottom line , Only got 408 ticket .

Obviously , As the game goes on , The gap between brothers has gradually widened , I believe there will be more fierce competition in the second half . Which performance did you like best in the first half ?# Brother ERGONG who cuts through thorns and thorns #

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