The record of "fairy sword 4" was completed, and it was revealed that the average investment of each episode was 8 million, twice the highest standard

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《 Fairy sword legend 》 The series was originally derived from games , But under the deduction of Hu Ge and others , The series has been formed IP effect .

More than ten years have passed , But people often mention the play and there are still endless topics .

Maybe you want to continue 《 Fairy sword legend 》 The heat of the , Recently, some actors have begun to prepare for shooting 《 Fairy sword legend 4》 了 , There are also media reports that the play has been filed .

However, the record information from the outflow shows that , The average investment in the episode of the play has exceeded 800 ten thousand , But the latest regulations clearly point out that the production cost of a single episode should be controlled at 400 All within , This also makes netizens wonder .

《 The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4》 Completion of filing , The average investment of the collection exceeds twice the specified amount ?

《 Fairy sword legend 4》 Ben has a certain amount of game powder , Therefore, it has received high attention at the beginning of project preparation .

It's just from project initiation to preparation , It has taken a lot of time , So recently, it is reported that the play has been prepared , Instantly triggered a heated discussion on the Internet .

It's just that compared with the true feelings, the fans who want to chase the play , More netizens are concerned about the production cost of the project .

From the project preparation information released by the media , This project is expected to shoot 40 Set , The total investment is about 3.21 Billion , On average, the production cost of each episode is 800 All around .

However, according to the proposal jointly issued by the television drama production industry association and the radio and television program production association , In principle, the production cost of each episode should be controlled within 400 All within , The actor's maximum pay should be within the production cost 10% about , In other words, the total remuneration of the actors of the play cannot exceed 3210 ten thousand .

But at the moment , The production cost of the play has seriously exceeded the standard , What's more, the actor's pay .

Therefore, netizens also launched a heated discussion on this phenomenon , Especially under the current public opinion environment , And the crew openly violated relevant regulations , It's really unexpected .

However, these data are just media statements , Specific to the implementation level , It's hard to say how much money will be spent on production .

Moreover, there is no official cast in the current drama , So we don't need to make a conclusion in advance .

But it's similar 《 Fairy sword legend 4》 It's no accident that you made a big investment , At present, the investment of many dramas often exceeds 100 million , However, the broadcasting effect is difficult to be proportional to the investment .

It can be said that a good play has a certain relationship with investment , But a play with high investment is not necessarily a good play .

Invest hundreds of millions at every turn , Quality is really guaranteed ?

In recent years , There are many dramas on the market with lineups that are more attractive than the plot .

take 2021 For several ancient costume masterpieces broadcast in the first half of the year , Whether it's diri Reba 《 Long song line 》 It's also starring Zhou Dongyu 《 Through the ages �i dust 》 Failed to meet public expectations .

Delireba is in 《 Long song line 》 Modeling and acting make complaints about the public. , And Zhou Dongyu 《 Through the ages �i dust 》 The shape in the is also controversial .

And the plot , Most of these dramas are covered with the nothingness shell of the common people in the world and the eight wastelands in the world , In essence, there are no more gimmicks .

So many people are used to watching similar dramas , I don't want to open any more .

Many big productions can't even recover the cost , Stars in similar dramas will also have a certain impact on their reputation .

But some people still enjoy shooting big production dramas , The actors have followed one another .

The reason is , Huge interests are naturally the most attractive place .

According to the ex boyfriend of a female artist who has retired from the circle , This is not dedicated 、 A female artist who can't perform well , The pay for a play is as high as 1.6 Billion .

After tax evasion by some means , She is basically able to pocket all these film salaries .

This can also be proved from the materials publicized by the tax bureau ,1.6 The $100 million film pay is not groundless .

It's not hard to understand why actors make complaints about being tucked up. , We're going to take over a drama with an investment of more than 100 million .

For example, Zhou Dongyu had been exposed to be suspected of taking a play for nearly three years 7000 Ten thousand yuan , Although fans tried to clarify, netizens still didn't buy it .

In the near future , About limiting the income of entertainment stars , There are more and more proposals to raise the threshold of becoming a star , There is even an official end .

Even the names of entertainment stars rarely appear on hot searches , It's basically related to dramas or variety shows .

But it is in this situation ,《 Fairy sword legend 4》 Can you still make such a big investment , It's also amazing .

In fact, although many big production dramas have not brought surprises , But that doesn't mean there will be no exception .

《 Fairy sword legend 》 The series has long been famous , Recreate the content based on the game story , It's supported by the original .

In those years, Hu Ge and others were performing 《 Fairy sword legend 》 The series was just launched , If there is a suitable newcomer who can be competent for the role in the play , There may be unexpected effects .

You feel 《 Fairy sword legend 4》 investment 3.21 What is the level of billion ?

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