Zhang Jie officially joined 211 universities as a teacher, which attracted questions from the whole network, and embarrassing comments emerged one after another

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 11:00:14

Zhang Jie now has a brand new label : Music teacher of Shanghai University .

In the entertainment world , Stars as college teachers are not uncommon , For example, host he Jiong once served as a teacher of the Arab Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University, his alma mater 、 Huang Lei is known as the most strict teacher of Beijing Film Academy , Liu Huan is a teacher of western music history at the University of international business and economics .

01 Now , Zhang Jie is officially employed 211 Be a teacher in College , Singer teacher identity barrier free connection

Teachers have always been a respected profession , Teaching and educating people will also fascinate everyone . Similarly, stars are no exception , They are like all ordinary people , Hope to contribute to society , If you can become a university teacher , It's definitely a glorious thing .

And because stars don't have to worry about their livelihood , So their purpose of becoming university teachers will be more clear , Not to make money , But to help education move forward . Compared to benefits , They value fame more .

Now , Another star joined the teaching team , He is Zhang Jie , As 211 The music teacher of Shanghai University reappears in our vision , And with his new album , It makes us sigh , He is really a treasure singer !

From then on , We will have a new understanding of Zhang Jie , That is a glorious people's teacher ―― Music teacher of Shanghai University . Presumably with the great help of Zhang Jie , The strength of Shanghai University in music education will certainly be improved , It would be better if there were a few more singers with strength like Zhang Jie .

02 After learning the news , Not only did there be no congratulations, but also the whole network questioned , Embarrassing comments emerge one after another

Zhang Jie's education has become the target of public criticism , I suspect he hitchhiked with the aura of a star

According to common experience , Want to be a college teacher , Education should be at least doctoral or above , The requirements of some vocational colleges may be relaxed , But basically, the main recruitment target is doctoral students . Among them, if 211/985 College Teachers , It must be a doctor's degree .

As we all know, Zhang Jie's education is just an ordinary undergraduate , Let alone become a university teacher , Even the chances of winning the recruitment examination of public primary schools are not very good . So in terms of Education , Not only does it have no advantage , It even became a disadvantage . So it's no wonder netizens are dissatisfied .

If we study the reason why he can become Shanghai University , It must have something to do with his star status , Because there are so many powerful people , Can be selected as a teacher by Shanghai University , How could it fall on an undergraduate , Isn't it because he became famous that everyone saw his strength ?

therefore , Netizens' speculation is not nonsense , But there is a certain reason . But not all the reasons , After all, there are so many famous singers in China , Zhang Jie was chosen , It still shows Zhang Jie's attainments in music , It's superior .

It is because of the star status that netizens are biased , Triggered a series of calls for fairness

When we sit in front of the screen, we can only see the brilliance of the stars , We can only see that they enjoy the infinite wealth and fame brought by fame , We don't see or have a chance to see , The sweat and efforts of stars , On the one hand, it is because stars choose to shut up in order to establish personal design , On the one hand, we are unwilling to accept the so-called success theory .

I dream of being a star every day , And countless people have made endless efforts and sweat for it , But why are only a few successful ? Can all the efforts be erased because of the failure of others ? We prefer to believe that stars succeed because of luck , I don't want to accept that it's caused by effort .

also , If we recognize the success of stars , It will lead to more students on a road of no return , Don't want to work hard and down-to-earth , You will daydream all day and waste your good youth . This is obviously contrary to our traditional knowledge to change our destiny . Nor can it become the mainstream culture .

Netizens questioned whether Zhang Jie worked with a certificate , Stars as teachers can't undermine industry requirements

According to relevant regulations , The qualification certificates held by university teachers are different from those of other courses , What a university teacher needs is a university teacher qualification certificate , This qualification will not be set up for the public , It is obtained through the self application of in-service teachers in Colleges and universities , The audit standards of each school are also very different .

therefore , Questions about this issue should be attributed to “ Quickspot ” 了 , After all, Zhang Jie has only been in office for a few days , You can't apply for college qualification certificate so soon . Again , When Zhang Jie belonged to Shanghai University , We should restrict ourselves according to relevant rules and regulations , The school will not allow him to be an exception .

03 I want to say :

Maybe our attitude towards Zhang Jie is too harsh , Because I saw a lot of skeptical voices from netizens , The leaders of Shanghai University also responded accordingly : Zhang Jie is a distinguished teacher . Now that the school authorities have come out of the Siege , We will not be reluctant !

04 Today's question :

Do you think Zhang Jie is qualified for this position ?

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