Bao Wenjing, 34, aired the video with a serious expression. The next second she was amused by her daughter's funny actions

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# Bao wenjin # Reading guide : Bao Wenjing basks in her daughter's funny video , Years old 5 At the age of 20, he didn't have stage fright when facing the camera , Being praised is a powerful talent

“ Two pack marriage ”( Bao Beier and Bao Wenjing ) How happy it is ?

Look at them 5 My daughter will know .

In recent days, ,34 Bao Wenjing, 25, posted a video of her daughter's hand dance on the social platform , It caused a heated discussion among netizens .

In the video , Bao Wenjing, wearing a beige knitted long sleeved shirt and white casual pants , Coupled with her exquisite makeup , The whole person looks very temperament .

Compared with casual clothes 、 The hair is a little messy 5 Year old daughter dumplings , It makes people feel , Bao Wenjing, this is so “ Dislike ” daughter , Dress yourself up , But let her daughter appear in the mirror .

It's not , such “ Obvious contrast ” The modelling of , Bao Wenjing deliberately did it , To set off her daughter's gift of dumplings .

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