Also attending the opening ceremony, Zhang Jie and Hu Ge got the evaluation of "polarization". Why

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The opening ceremony of famous universities is also remarkable , Also known as “ The first lesson ”, How to teach this first lesson well , It is very important .

Thanks for the development of the network , Let's stay at home without leaving home “ Cloud participation ” The opening ceremony of major universities , Although we may be too old to be students , But the opening ceremony always brings us enlightenment .

Among many famous schools , The opening ceremonies of Shanghai University and Shanghai Academy of drama rushed to the hot search , The reason is simple , The two universities in Shanghai have invited very topical star figures to sit down .

Shanghai University invited the famous singer Zhang Jie , The Shanghai Academy of drama invited its own 01 Students of grade one , Hu Ge , But also attending the opening ceremony , The two men were polarised , What's going on here ?

Hu Ge and Zhang Jie , Participated in the opening ceremony of the University as guests

At the opening ceremony of Shanghai University , Zhang Jie's appearance really gave people a big surprise , It was this appearance that let everyone know , It turns out that Zhang Jie has another identity , That's college teachers .

According to the official response of Shanghai University , Zhang Jie has been a vocal music teacher in the film school of Shanghai University for two years , But now through hot search , Only a large number of people know about it .

But as more and more people know that Zhang Jie is a university teacher , Criticism and skepticism followed , Many people say that Zhang Jie is not qualified to be a university teacher , And it's “ Go on duty without certificate ”.

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