Open up the "Ren Du pulse" of IP film and television, what did Yunnan insect Valley do right?

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After a year and four months away ,《 Ghost blows 》 And 《 Yunnan insect valley 》 Again 《 Longling Grottoes 》 The unfinished risks in .

stay 《 Longling Grottoes 》 After being highly praised , Supervisor Guan Hu 、 The original production team led by general director Fei Zhenxiang , And pan Yueming 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 Composed of Jiang Chao “ Iron triangle ” Cooperate again , This time I came to the site of King's Tomb of the former ancient Dian state in Yunnan , Continue the complicated and dangerous journey of hard core exploration .

Judging from the plot that has been broadcast so far ,《 Yunnan insect valley 》 Handed in a good answer , Not only in the heat , It has also been recognized by the audience and book fans , The praise focuses on “ High degree of reduction ”、“ It retains the essence of the original work ”、“ The characters have distinct personalities ”、“ Suspense is enough ” On .

Yes IP In terms of film and television , How to form the maximum self consistency between the original work and film and television , While retaining the essence of the original work, make innovation , In fact, it has always been a difficult problem , How much emotional precipitation does Book powder have on the original work , How harsh it is for all kinds of adapted works . This time, 《 Yunnan insect valley 》 The success of the , The key is always to “ Restore the original ” At the core .

Super IP The core value of is the story structure of the original work 、 The relationship between the characters and the spirit transmitted and displayed by the whole story , In the process of adaptation ,《 Yunnan insect valley 》 Firmly grasp the essence of the original work , Within the framework of respecting the original , Adjusted and extended in line with the image expression , Not only retain the classic scenes and highlights , What is more important is to retain the temperament , Retain the distinctive soul of the original , Let the play have a strong chemical reaction with the original .

As 《 Ghost blows 》 The connecting part of the series ,《 Yunnan insect valley 》 Improving “ Ghost blows ” The universe at the same time , Also continue for IP The film and television adaptation of is exploring new ideas and optimal solutions .

Accurately grasp the essence of the original work , See the real chapter for details

treasure IP The film and television adaptation of is a concrete reproduction process of the original text , Successful adaptation should be based on full understanding and respect for the original , Extract the essence as much as possible . This time, ,《 Yunnan insect valley 》 Continuing the 《 Longling Grottoes 》 Creative methodology , Retain the essence of the original work to the greatest extent , On the basis of following the main line and the original work , Select the key classical paragraphs in the original work , Integrate it into the main line , And try to be highly restored .

《 Yunnan insect valley 》 The first episode uses the previous review to connect the preceding and the following , Introduce the historical background around King Xian in the form of narration 、 Character and preferences , Emphasize this “ Iron triangle ” The danger and uncertainty of Yunnan insect Valley trip , Let the whole story be shrouded in mystery 、 In an atmosphere of suspense and antiquity , This is not only highly consistent with the tone of the original work , Also use the most ingenious way to connect the last plot , and 《 Longling Grottoes 》 The colored eggs at the end echo .

Because it's all the same people , With the relationship between the characters in the previous work as the bedding ,《 Yunnan insect valley 》 The narrative rhythm is very fast , At the beginning of the first episode, it's raining heavily on the mountain road in southern Yunnan ,“ Iron triangle ” Sitting on a classic Dongfeng truck , With the theme song “ Ah, good bye, friend ” sound , Instantly pull the audience back to 80 years , And let people vaguely sigh with a trace of wind whistling, easy water cold tragic . After hearing the waterway into insect Valley , The three of them began to embark on an adventurous journey into insect Valley to look for dust beads , The rhythm is crisp 、 Go straight to the theme .

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