The brothers of migrant workers who became popular overnight, one with an annual income of millions, but the other returned to the countryside to farm

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 10:57:27

In the entertainment industry , There are a lot of explosions inadvertently , For example, Shen Teng and Mary 《 Charlotte's troubles 》, At that time, many investors were not optimistic about the film , But no one thought , After the broadcast, it directly became popular with many actors , It also became a dark horse in the film circle , So a lot of things , We can't just look at the surface , It depends on its intrinsic value . Entertainment is a place to realize your dreams , A lot of people are chasing , There is a lot of sadness on the way to pursue dreams , If you can't survive that time , This dream may turn into a bubble .

On this road of pursuing dreams , Most of them are ordinary people from ordinary families , And a few years ago , There are a pair of ordinary migrant workers brothers , I posted a video of myself singing after drinking on the Internet , Unexpected popularity network . These two brothers of migrant workers have also directly become the hottest stars , The two of them are a group , The name of the combination is “ The sun is rising ”, It looks manly ! The song they were playing was called 《 In the spring 》.

The lyrics of this song are very interesting , Many people who go out to work feel the song very much , The original song at that time was Wang Feng , After Wang Feng saw their video , He also highly appreciated this , Wang Feng also invited the Xuri Yanggang group to his concert , Sing songs on the same stage 《 In the spring 》. After they became popular , Also on the stage of CCTV , Many people can't imagine , Just with a video of singing, it is popular all over the country , It's lucky enough to explode .

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