The "heartache" from the top of the central media, and the grand finale of "Qiao's children" finally came to the central media for name correction

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Reading guide :《 The children of the Qiao family 》 It was not until the finale that the name of the central media was corrected :8.7 The score dropped to 7.9 branch , It's not a quality problem .

I really chased the new work of the noon sun 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 after , The mood is as the central media said 【 Love dearly 《 The children of the Qiao family 》, Everyone was “ gas ” broken !】

That's not , It hurts , also “ gas ” broken

The children of the Qiao family were distressing at the beginning . The Qiao family, whose life is not rich , But there's a selfish bastard , Since Joe's mother died , Father slag shook his hand again and didn't care about anything , The younger brother of the Qiao family, Qiao Yicheng, becomes a father and a mother, pulling several younger brothers and sisters who are younger than him , The pain of the process can hurt the audience .

It can hurt the audience , It shows that the play can make the audience empathy , Drama can arouse people's feelings , It can make the audience feel the emotion properly , Reality is helpless .

The first few episodes made the audience cry , About family and family , Everyone has some pain and regret . The acting skills of the actors are also very good , Don't feel the play . It really feels like things and people around you , Into the hearts of the audience .

So , It's not hard to understand 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 You can get... When you open your watercress 8.7 了 .

But as the plot goes deeper , The trend is more and more dog blood , The more you look, the more irritating you are . Watching the five children who have suffered a lot grow up , I thought they could all work hard and happy , Slowly enjoy a better life , Especially Qiao Yicheng, who is both a father and a mother , It's time to start a family .

The beauty we imagined for them was broken little by little , The director seems to have put all the dog blood on the five brothers and sisters of the Qiao family one by one .

Derailment 、 Spare tire 、 Domestic violence 、 Ma Bao … All kinds of wonderful flowers have met , A collection of all kinds of dog blood .

The audience were so angry that they almost wanted to abandon the play . This play can really call the bad luck of the Qiao family , Write every character so rough !

Big brother Joe paid too much to become the Qiao family , The road of emotion is still so rough ;

Erqiang is an affectionate man , But he was having an affair with his married master , It's disappointing ( angry ) Three views are broken ;

Sanli has been sensible since childhood , Independence has its own position , Met the white moonlight , But also gave a mother-in-law yecha ;

Si Mei is really brave for love , But what I fell in love with was a scum man who cheated and became commonplace ;

The adopted Qiqi had low self-esteem since childhood .

What happened to the five brothers and sisters alone is not dog blood , In reality, there will be . It's just that all the misfortunes are combined into one TV play, which seems a little dog blood .

The audience is more and more heartbroken , Affected by this ,《 The children of the Qiao family 》 The score of watercress is also lower and lower , From the beginning 8.7 All the way down to the end 7.9 branch , It's not too much for you to say that this is a high opening and low walking , But it's very distressing .

So , Central media 1905 Movie Network 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 At the end of the day , Specially sent a long article at the top, which is 《 The children of the Qiao family 》 justify .

Since launch , The heat and topic are constantly , The score is from 8.7 The score is down to 7.9 branch , It's not a quality problem , It's that everyone is really “ Qiao family ” I'm angry .

This is the top “ Love dearly ” ah !

As the central media said , Although the children of the Qiao family “ On the feather ”, But there is no lack of truth and warmth in the process .

The story will end one day , Just as we expected at the beginning , Joe's 5 Children , In addition to dog blood, there is truth and warmth .

It tells a family story of parallel time and space through the five children of the Qiao family , Everyone has their own characteristics , Under the actor's interpretation, each of them is fresh and real .

There is a father who makes his teeth itch but doesn't drag his feet 、 Big brother who wants to be strong but hard spoken and soft hearted 、 Not smart but determined second brother 、 Three younger sisters who are weak on the surface but strong in the heart 、 Four sisters who love first but embrace freedom and self after awakening 、 Handsome 77 ...

No one in the play is perfect , They all have their own advantages and disadvantages , The experience of each role is more or less understandable .

Joe Zu hopes that his last conscience and understanding, forgiveness is the best outcome , Also complete the growth of the children of the Qiao family , Kinship is inextricably linked , Never forgive if you can't .

It is precisely because blood ties are inextricably linked , So the warmth of this play is also very touching , Although the children of the Qiao family have bad intentions, one after another , But warmth is also true , No matter how much you quarrel, you can't break up . When there are difficulties, we should face them together , Always get together quickly when things happen , This is the warmth that many families lack in reality , It's enviable .

In the process of watching this play, although the mood is mixed , But it's not like life , How can we be happy without experiencing ups and downs . Like a theme song : Life should always face the light , In their life, a chicken feather is a true portrayal of many ordinary people , But no matter how hard it is , Keep kindness and hope in your heart , A family supports each other , It's going to get better !

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