Wang Sicong appeared in Universal Studios, photographed on one knee to beauties, and was grabbed by the handsome pedestrians.

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 10:44:57

9 month 8 Japan , Some netizens have photographed the two generation of Wang Sicong, who is known for their universal studios. , And uploaded some videos and photos . In the video , Wang Sicong is wearing white T T-shirt and grey shorts are very casual , Carrying a camera bag on his shoulder, he was preparing to take pictures of the five beauties in front of him .

Go inside the park , Wang Sicong also knelt down on one knee to take pictures of the beautiful woman in front of him . This photo pose looks quite professional , It seems that Wang Sicong usually takes pictures for others . Wang Sicong's appearance also attracted many people to watch , The girl behind him kept staring at his camera .

It is worth noting that , A passer-by behind Wang Sicong has outstanding appearance , It has aroused the attention of netizens . I saw Wang Sicong looking at the photos just taken with a camera , Although the passers-by behind him was wearing masks , But from the thick eyebrows and eyes , Very good-looking , He is also tall .

Talking about Beijing Universal Studios , Recently, it is also a very popular place for stars to punch in , Many stars have been met in Universal Studios. . Not long ago, someone met Wang Yuan and Wei Daxun at Universal Studios. , On that day, Wei daxun was dressed in black and very low-key , Wang Yuan is also dressed casually , They are like ordinary tourists .

Liu Haoran also went to Universal Studios. , He also posted photos of playing on social platforms . Liu Haoran in the photo is dressed casually , Long sleeved trousers also seem to pay great attention to sunscreen , I saw Liu Haoran wearing a cute cartoon hat, which was very funny , But it's cool to take a shot .

Liyan Tong also played photos of Universal Studios on social platforms. , A bunch of beautiful women standing together is very eye-catching . Tong Liya was accompanied by actors Gao Lu and Dong Xuan , I saw Tong Liya standing in the middle in a dress, very sweet , Girlhood is full of .

I have to say that the recent universal studios are really good places to meet stars. , Many stars clock in , Such fine weather is really suitable for going out , Maybe meet a star by chance .

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