Golden nine silver ten best time to start TV Huawei smart screen V 75 super smart sound and painting new experience

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Except the Lunar New Year , It is a festival that can make it convenient for families to get together every year , The two major holidays of the Mid Autumn Festival and national day are generally the first choice . When people get together , Will watch TV while chatting and connecting feelings , Or eat while watching TV , Not to mention how warm it feels .

Many young people will take advantage of the holiday opportunity , On the way, I took advantage of the golden nine silver ten manufacturers to promote this wave of free ride , Buy a new TV for yourself or your parents , But those young people who have done their homework , Will choose the humanized Huawei smart screen , Make the living room entertainment easy and convenient .

Huawei smart screen released this summer V 75 Super, It is a flagship smart screen worth starting with golden nine silver ten . It not only has swans SuperMiniLED Ultra high picture quality brought by technology , It is also equipped with... Jointly designed with tivare 20 Ultra high sound quality of unit sound system , It is excellent in both sound and painting. It can be said to be very powerful !

Huawei smart screen V 75 Super It adopts the Honghu developed by Huawei SuperMiniLED Precision matrix backlight scheme , The official in the 75 Up to... Are placed under the inch screen 46080 star MiniLED chip , each MiniLED The area of the chip is only traditional LED The lamp bead's 1/120 .

these MiniLED The light beads are fine and dense , Because of this, this big screen has 2880 Physical zones , And if there are more partitions , It also means that the higher the controllable accuracy of the screen , The picture quality performance is naturally clearer and more delicate .

besides , Huawei smart screen V 75 Super It also has built-in self-study “ zero ” OD technology , Include CSP Mixed light and structured light 、 Self developed optical diaphragm scheme 、 Self developed system level Demura Calibration scheme, etc , meanwhile , The aircraft also passed HDR Vivid authentication . So I'm watching HDR When video or games , The visual experience is closer to the real world .

It is worth mentioning that , To put this 120Hz The advantages of high brush and large screen are brought into full play , Huawei smart screen V 75 Super Fast and smooth technology is added to enable the device itself to detect various elements in low frame rate video pictures , In the way of motion estimation and multi frame compensation , Let the low frame film source intelligently compensate to 120Hz , Let's have a smoother visual experience .

It is also because of the dynamic contrast enhancement Pro、 The blessing of clear image processing technology , Coupled with many advanced display technology solutions , Huawei smart screen V 75 Super The comprehensive picture quality performance will be better , Also let it in the brightness of the screen 、 clarity 、 Color accuracy 、 Key points such as frame rate , Far ahead .

Huawei smart screen V 75 Super Another must do skill is sound quality , It's equipped with 20 Unit tivare cinema sound field system , It continues and sublimates the high-quality sound performance of smart screen series . The machine has built-in 20 A voice unit (4 A mid bass unit + 6 Side units + 4 A unit that surrounds the sky + 6 A subwoofer ), Including left and right channels 、 Middle channel 、 Left and right 、 The sky said 、 Bass , In terms of hardware, it can present the sound quality experience of 10000 yuan sound .

use 10 A carbon fiber MHD dual drive full frequency unit ,4 A natural wire diaphragm dome high frequency unit ,2 A large stroke ultra-thin low frequency unit ,4 A large stroke passive radiator . It is thanks to high-quality raw materials as a guarantee , Huawei smart screen V 75 Super High end sound quality also has a strong guarantee . Huawei's cooperation with tivare in audio technology has created Huawei's smart screen V 75 Super Excellent sound field experience , With surging bass . vertical 3D Professional sound effects such as surround sound field , Redefine the sound standard of TV . Let the machine reach a new peak of sound quality .

It is worth mentioning that , For users who pay attention to the sense of home theater experience ,HarmonyOS It also adds a new experience of distributed imaging . Let Huawei smart screen V 75 Super And HUAWEI Sound / HUAWEI Sound X Combined into a new distributed sound system , Present wireless cable for home users 、 Immerse yourself in a new experience of multi-channel surround sound .

And with the upgrading of Huawei's smart screen Hongmeng system , The new distributed technology enables the smart screen to have more usage scenarios , Huawei smart screen V 75 Super It also carries the same multi-party Changlian as many brother models 、 Super terminals are based on HarmonyOS 2 Heavy weight function , Bring rich experience to more users in multiple scenarios .

Conclusion :

As a new smart screen product , Huawei smart screen V 75 Super Let consumers have a more comprehensive choice of ultra-high experience . Its excellent screen image quality performance and joint design with tivare 20 Unit sound system , Let it become a flagship smart screen with more than wisdom .

Gold nine silver ten Hi, keep buying , Log in to Huawei's online and offline official and officially authorized stores to buy Huawei's smart screen , Highest enjoyment 1500 Yuan discount .

The newly purchased user logs in to the Huawei account via the Internet , You can get the highest value 600 Yuan's Huawei video and Huawei music VIP Membership pack . Cover Huawei video 、 Cool meow 、 Mango. 、 Aurora four platform members , Enjoy the smart screen 、 mobile phone 、 The computer 、 Flat 、 Speaker multi terminal universal , Open the whole scene intelligent audio-visual entertainment experience .

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