The ecological integration and upgrading of Huawei official publicity smart office new product launch deserves attention

TechWeb 2021-09-15 10:41:32

Every September , The whole science and technology circle will be quite lively , In order to release new products, major brands are also Eight Immortals crossing the sea and show their magic powers . Recently, it is rumored on the Internet that Huawei will launch a new product launch in September . Sure enough ,9 month 8 The official microblog of Huawei terminal released the warm-up poster of Huawei's smart office new product launch on the th , And a caption : Free creation , Unbounded communication .# Huawei smart office new product launch #,9 month 13 Japan 19:30, I invite you to witness .

Following the official announcement of the press conference is @ Sina Technology's first microblog revealed new product information , The content is a courier document and an attached # 14 Inch large screen mobile phone # Hyperphone content , This keyword has aroused heated discussion among many netizens .

After all # 14 Inch large screen mobile phone # This topic , It's easy to arouse the curiosity of many people , Because it can't be a tablet by size , The only possibility is Huawei Matebook New product , This also fits quite well 「 Smart office 」 The main theme of the new product launch .

After all, Huawei MateBook Series has entered the notebook market for 5 year , Its laptop in terms of product quantity and quality , The evaluation accumulated in the market can be said to be 「 enjoy great popularity among the people 」. And from generation to generation Matebook The continuous progress of product intelligence , Huawei laptop has gradually become the rigid equipment for modern white-collar mobile office .

For example, from one touch to multi screen coordination , Huawei Matebook And mobile phones 、 The interaction between mobile devices such as tablets is quite smooth . And now , Huawei MateBook The new product is likely to make a new extension , The author boldly predicts # 14 Inch large screen mobile phone # May herald a new generation Matebook Support running mobile applications !

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and , According to the explosion of the periphery , This time Huawei MateBook The multi screen synergy of the new product will be upgraded again , It is not difficult for us to imagine , After the upgrade, more screens may appear in Matebook On the screen of the new product , Whether it's playing mobile games or watching movies , They will open a new experience of intelligent operation on the large screen , In other words , Users can process more information simultaneously on one screen , This can also make Huawei Matebook The wisdom and ability of new products are further advanced .

While everyone is still talking about #14 Inch large screen mobile phone # When the product and features are debated , today ! Huawei officially released the new notebook preheating poster . The theme of the poster is clock , The position where the time is marked is move APP, The side view of Huawei notebook shows needle walking . This represents the upcoming Huawei Matebook The new features will work with the phone APP Build countless connections .

Conclusion :

It's not hard to guess , With the launch of Huawei smart office new products , New Huawei MateBook It will not only bring more new experience of smart office , And there should be new changes in fuselage workmanship , After all, in this era of self-worth and justice , A notebook that is easy to use and good-looking can make young people fall in love at first sight .

meanwhile , Since it's a smart office new product launch , Huawei is also likely to launch a new category , And MateBook And other devices will provide a more efficient new experience of interconnection of all things in the future . In a word, all the answers will be revealed in this press conference . Wait patiently , The good play will come soon !

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