Tencent responded that 60 year old people ranked at 3 a.m.: 17 face recognition passed the verification

TechWeb 2021-09-15 10:37:49

As MOBA Head games like mobile games ,《 Glory of Kings 》 It can be said that it is deeply loved by mobile game players .

recently , a sheet “60 Old lady Huajia , At three o'clock in the morning, I ranked and killed five with Zhao Yun , Let Tencent sink into meditation ” Photos of are circulating rapidly on the Internet , The whole network has been hotly debated .

Regarding this , Tencent growth Guardian platform announced today that , About online pictures “60 The old man ranked at three in the morning ” the , We are highly concerned about , And quickly carried out verification work , After nearly 3 Days of screening comparison , Finally successfully locked to 1 A game account .

Tencent said , From this year 3 Months to now , The account has been judged to be operated by a suspected minor for many times , Before and after a total of 17 Triggered for times and passed the face recognition verification of Tencent health system .

From the technical means and practical verification conclusion , The system believes that “ I am ” Playing games .

As for whether the account belongs to “ Others have replaced people's faces ”, Tencent can't judge , There is no relevant authority to make further confirmation outside the enterprise background data .

Tencent stressed , Nature of the case , If of “ Parents take the place of their children ”, I hope parents can be vigilant , Don't be fooled into brushing your face ; If of “ Rent and sell account number ”, Officials strongly call on relevant platforms and service providers to strictly abide by the relevant requirements of the competent authorities .

according to the understanding of , Not long ago , Issued by the State Press and publication administration 《 About further strict management Notice to effectively prevent minors from indulging in online games 》.

The notice proposes to strictly limit the time for providing online game services to minors 、 Strictly implement the requirements of online game user account real name registration and login .


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