Cheng Yi, the "model worker" of internal Entertainment: seamless into the normal, such a down-to-earth actor should have been popular long ago

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2020 year 8 month , A beautiful young man in ancient costume named Yu Sifeng was born , A handsome young man named Cheng Yi .

This year, 8 month , Popular on Hunan Satellite TV 《 Song with Jun 》 He, who plays Qi Yan in the TV play, has been on the hot search again .

Cheng Yi is affectionately called by the audience “ August boyfriend ”. Some say he is “ Red explosion ”, As a “ Airborne soldiers ”. Little imagine , He has been acting for ten years ……

01. trained Power dominating screen

Cheng Yi 1990 Born in Huaihua, Hunan Province , Graduated from the Central Academy of drama . After his fire , Many netizens are raking his material , What they regret and respect is ―― From a professional background, he devoted himself to acting , No black material , No gossip .

TongWai straight in , neither spreading about nor branching out-concise . This sentence is mostly about artists like Cheng Yi .

Cheng Yi 21 At the age of , In the first costume play 《 The beauty of the Tang Palace 》 As a bodyguard , Although he will have a period of “ Heart abuse play ” It's a remarkable performance , after , However, he is sad to play tricks in the entertainment circle 、 Beat soy sauce .

A director said to him : You're not suitable for acting , Don't be an actor all your life .

this sentence , It hurt his heart like a needle , He was really sad for some time . The stubborn Hunan young man never wanted to “ give up ”, Adhering to the indelible light of hope in his heart, he stumbled 、 Touch and climb forward !

after “ ifone ” Five years later , Cheng Yi was by Li Yifeng 、 Xianxia drama starring Zhao Liying 《 The Legend of Chusen 》 The crew is in love , Play male No. 3 Lin Jingyu .

Cold, proud and aloof 、 Graceful, he interprets Lin Jingyu's role as flesh and blood 、 most incisive , Become one of the most attractive screen characters , Won the 7th Internet bull's ear award and the Internet cutting-edge person of the year award in one fell swoop , This is an affirmation of his acting skills and appearance !

2016 After year , Cheng Yi began to film about , As a leading actor, he undertook 《 Sand in the angry sea & Qinling sacred tree 》《 Glass beauty evil 》《 Changan Nuo 》《 Love in the wind and clouds 》《 How deep is the mystery 》《 Song with Jun 》《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》 And many other excellent dramas .

these years ,“ A model ” Cheng Yi is used to the life of joining the group seamlessly , Except for filming, there is little rest . There are also rumors that he has bought a house in Hengdian , Treat the crew as a family . In the impetuous entertainment circle , How many people fry CP, Consider traffic more important than skills . Such a down-to-earth actor Cheng Yi , It can be regarded as a clear flow in the upper circle .

《 Song with Jun 》 During the shooting , In order to stay at your best , He shoots... All day 27 A play , Eat only one apple at night .

There are many ancient costume plays . He really hit and fell in countless plays , You can't get off the line of fire ! In order not to delay 《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》 The crew's shooting progress , Even if the right foot is in plaster , He will do his best to keep filming .

The opportunity to , It's always left to those who are prepared ―― He stays awake all the time , Go all out for the acting career that has been persistent for many years !

02. Variety guy , Dedicated and cute

Some people say , Cheng Yi is only suitable for acting , There seems to be no sense of variety . Actually , Is not the case, .

If you look at his 《 In grade one ・ Graduation season 》 and 《 Happy camp 》 after , Will definitely be by his talent 、 Dedicated and cute exclusive image circle !

2016 year 10 month ,26 At the age of, Cheng Yi took part in the joint play held by Hunan Satellite TV 《 In grade one ・ Graduation season 》, And served as the team leader . Because of my age , He was controversial on the show .

He relies on his artistic expertise in singing and dancing and his professionalism , Set an example for young artists , Finally, it was unanimously recognized by everyone !

Cheng Yi himself looks a little bored , In interviews and variety games, I often take a slow half shot , Speak seriously 、 gingerly , This kind of cute iron Han Han look , It always makes the guests and TV viewers laugh !

Although he seems silent , The desire to win and the full sense of sprouting will never be absent ! seen 8 month 28 Japanese 《 Happy camp 》, I know how cute Cheng Yi is ! stay “ Eat melons to answer ” The game , He eats melons almost every time 10 The amazing speed of about seconds to successfully answer , Milli “ Regardless of image ” Strive for the score for the team .

Game answer “ Move like a rabbit ” His desire for survival is bursting , Sometimes I have a hard head “ To utter a solemn nonsense ”, His simple manner made the host and guests unable to close their mouths !

Eat melons like marmots , To “ Agent trump ” Your superb acting skills , And then to sculptural focus “ Watering master ”, Cheng Yi is loved and concerned by many audiences ―― Personal microblog rose all night 6 ten thousand ! He is worthy of “ Bring your own baggage ” The new generation of variety artists , Bring the most real and simple happiness to everyone !

03. Love warm man Character sucking powder

Inside and outside the set , Cheng Yi shows a delicate and warm side ―― Polite language , Respect your peers , Care about fans …… His speech and behavior always show the demeanor of a gentleman , He spreads positive energy through every little detail .

He habitually uses microblog to forward important national or social news in time , Make love donation at the first time , And actively participate in public welfare activities .

During the epidemic , He often tweets to his fans “ Be well protected , Caution! ”. He said in a fan interaction : You're worth it , I just want to bring you a better future , Let the fruits not be disappointed !

In life , He is a lovely sunshine boy ―― Like singing , Lively and lively .

《 Song with Jun 》 Some role plays are more depressing , Between night scenes , For a lively atmosphere , He led the crew to work out in the middle of the night 、 Singing in the middle of the night , Become indispensable to the crew “ Big living treasure ”!

When not filming , He still keeps working out . Now in his prime , He is still young 、 A strong man “ Little fresh meat ”.

In the entertainment industry “ Big VAT ”, Cheng Yi doesn't rely on Marketing 、 Don't go with the flow , Choose to shine in your favorite and good fields , Give full play to enthusiasm and dedication !


It's hard to do a thousand things , Blow away the sand before you reach the gold !

Cheng Yi, who has enough strength and perseverance, frankly wants to be an actor , I believe he will take this “ The sword ” Sharpen it , be secure against assault !

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