Huang Jingyu's "fighting thieves" was shot in a low-key way with Ni Dahong and Li Xuejian. This resource is really enviable

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In recent days, , A police and bandit play starring Huang Jingyu 《 Fight a thief 》 It's shooting in a low-key way in Xi'an .

from 7 It has been turned on since mid June ,《 Fight a thief 》 It's been shooting for nearly two months , According to the normal shooting cycle , It should be halfway through the shooting .

It is said that , The title of the play has now been changed to 《 Western heroes 》.

The shooting of the play is particularly low-key , Up to now, there are no pictures related to shooting on the Internet .

《 Fight a thief 》 Adapted from Chang Shuxin's novel of the same name , It's about a gangster theft gang involved in a national treasure theft , The policeman played by Huang Jingyu “ Ping Sange ”, Break into the theft gang as an undercover , And gained the trust of the main leaders .

Last , With the cooperation of Interpol , Catch in one fell swoop “ The thief king ” Antique City .

From the information known so far , For Huang Jingyu, Li Xuejian and Ni Dahong, the famous old opera bones .

Li Xuejian is a respected senior in the performing arts circle , Starred in a movie 《 Jiao Yulu 》, TV play 《 Water margin 》 etc. .

Teacher Xue Jian took pictures in recent years 《 well , old man 》《 jong 》 etc. , Also loved by the audience .

Ni Dahong is a powerful actor , I played 《 Qiao's compound 》 Sun maocai in China ,《 New three countries 》 Sima Yi in ,《 Ye luochang'an 》 Bai Laosi in , They are all familiar roles to the audience .

Two years ago. , Urban emotional drama produced by noon sunshine 《 Are both good 》 in , Ni Dahong plays “ Be a good father ” Su Daqiang , His acting skills and character depiction ability have been raised to a new level .

It is reported that , Ni Dahong is here this time 《 Fight a thief 》 Who plays the villain leader “ Antique City ”.

From the plot outline ,《 Fight a thief 》 such “ Involving thieves ” The theme is relatively novel . Recent years , Dabble in black 、 be drug-related 、 There are many works related to corruption , There are relatively few thieves involved .

Escorted by many old opera bones , Huang Jingyu's new play must have attracted a lot of attention .

《 Fight a thief 》 Hot beat of , Naturally, people think of Huang Jingyu's film two years ago 《 Operation icebreaker 》, Its wonderful degree is no less than that just finished 《 Black storm 》.

stay 《 Operation icebreaker 》 in , It's the same old drama , from “ Darkcom ” Wu Gang 、 Ren Dahua 、 Wang Jinsong, etc .

except 《 Fight a thief 》 outside , Huang Jingyu has another play to be broadcast , He and Xiao Zhan starred 《 Trump troops 》.

In this play ,“ Li Yunlong ” Actor Li Youbin ,“ Zhao Gang ” The actor he Zhengjun ,《 Strong-arm reaction 》 And then again .

《 Trump troops 》 After the notice is given , The drama side has always taken good care of Huang Jingyu , A series of operations also aroused the dissatisfaction of Xiao Zhan's fans .

Every time I can play a star studded drama , Huang Jingyu's resources are true and enviable .

Over the years , Huang Jingyu is favored by the capital side , After several big plays in succession , Fame has risen rapidly .

But Huang Jingyu did not really prove himself ,《 Operation icebreaker 》 It's not him that you're looking at , It's Wu Gang 、 It's Ren Dahua 、 It's Wang Jinsong .

future , Huang Jingyu wants to be recognized in acting , We also need to show our real skills , hope 《 Fight a thief 》 The play , Can let the audience see different Huang Jingyu .

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