He was heard first and then his face was seen. From the speaker, the host to the actor, his experience was full of legends

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 If we say that there are legendary old actors in the performing arts circle , Wang Gang is definitely a typical one . He was a naughty king as a child , Not favored by teachers and students , But it was changed because of a mysterious letter from Beijing , Strive to be a different person .

He first conquered the audience by voice , a 《 Harbin at night 》 Attracted countless Chinese , And then boarded the Spring Festival Gala and 《 Variety show 》 Host the program , Just when people think he is a host , And because of being in a TV play 《 Prime Minister Liu Luoguo 》 Popular in the country , And then for a long time �| farmer .

Wang Gang's marriage and family have also changed a lot , I have organized three families , To 60 I'm still old when I'm years old . This time, let's talk about Wang Gang's legendary experience .


Many people have heard of Wang Gang's interview , Including hosting programs , His mouth is standard Mandarin . In fact, he is from Northeast China , Grew up in Changchun, Jilin , I have been a naughty child since childhood . The disaster Wang Gang caused in his class at that time , Let the teacher and other students gnash their teeth , Finally, Wang Gang ended up without friends , Everyone ignored him , I'm alone .

Wang Gang, who feels a little wronged , It was just then 10 year , He suddenly remembered to write to Chairman Mao , Express your pain in your heart , Hope to get some guidance . I don't know how to write on the envelope , Finally, write “ Chairman Mao of Beijing ”, Sent it directly .

He didn't expect anyone to reply , After some time, he was called to the teacher , Only then did I know that the general office of the Central Committee really replied to a letter , Encourage him to study hard , Grow up and contribute to the country . This is amazing , The headmaster held a plenary meeting to praise Wang Gang face to face , I hope students can learn from Wang Gang . Wang Gang, who has never been valued , Suddenly become a celebrity in the whole school , His sense of honor and pride also changed him , From then on, Wang Gang was like a different person , Academic performance and the relationship between teachers and students have also improved .


Wang Gang, who has changed from a bad child to a good child , When I grow up, I work in the army's literary Corps , This makes him like a duck to water with some literary and artistic cells .

Wang Gang was very interested in sound since childhood ,1977 In, he recorded a novel for China Central Radio 《 Gadfly 》, But it didn't cause much response . To 1982 In, he carefully recorded a novel 《 Harbin at night 》, Combine storytelling skills with the content of the novel , It was an unprecedented success , Wang Gang also won the first prize of National Broadcasting .

It was an age of broadcasting , Wang Gang's voice began to appear on various platforms , until 1985 In, he was invited to host a teacher's Day party , The ability to host the show was discovered . here we are 1986 In the Spring Festival gala , Wang Gang was invited by director Huang Yihe to be one of the hosts that night . From now on , Wang Gang was seen by more people than just heard .

Then Wang Gang was the host of the Spring Festival gala for several consecutive years , Among them 1987 At the annual party , He also performed with Zhao Lianjia a sketch adapted from traditional crosstalk 《 Tooth extraction 》, therefore , His acting talent has also been excavated .


Into the nineties , CCTV began to run various variety shows , Among them 《 Variety show 》 It was hosted by Wang Gang and singer Cheng Fangyuan . The two people also become acquainted with each other , Later, I entered the palace of marriage .

It's just 《 Variety show 》 Become a famous brand column , When Wang Gang's smiling face is more and more familiar , He suddenly appeared in the ranks of TV actors , A funny movie 《 Prime Minister Liu Luoguo 》 Born in the sky , Wang Gang plays and �| It looks very distinctive , It immediately attracted the audience . We just found out , Wang Gang, who was always talking , Performing a TV play is really like that .

From then on , Wang Gang began to focus on film and television dramas , In especial 2000 Years later, 《 Bronze teeth Ji Xiaolan 》 Launch , Let Wang Gang become a long-time and �| farmer . In addition, he has played 《 Sophora flower fragrance in May 》《 The wind and cloud of Chu and Han 》《 Luoguxiang 》 Such drama , And don't forget the old line , host 《 World collection 》《 Wang Gang tells stories 》 Etc . In especial 《 World collection 》,“ Please take out the protective hammer ” It also became his Mantra at that time .


Over the years , Wang Gang, who is getting older, began to appear less in his works , More people begin to enjoy family life .

In fact, Wang Gang got married in the late 1970s , Marriage soon ended , Gave birth to a daughter named Tingting , Then she was still 《 Variety show 》 And Wang Gang played a sketch . In the mid-1990s, Wang Gang married his partner Cheng Fangyuan again , But soon divorced . And then , Wang Gang married his current wife with a large age difference , He 60 She gave birth to a son at the age of .

By the way , Wang Gang has a sister named Wang Jing , She is a famous soprano in China . Wang Jing's ex husband is also famous , It's go player Nie Weiping .

Stop , I don't talk much about gossip , In short, Wang Gang is now an ancient and rare old man , His tortuous experience over the past few decades , But it's legendary . In recent years, he will work with his old partner Zhang Guoli 、 Zhang Tielin appeared in the drama together , In his later years, he lived a delicious life .

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