Banhua had an accident at home. The young man lent her 20000 yuan. When she paid back the money three years later, Banhua was stunned

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“ Brother , This Saturday , Old school reunion , You arrived on time , It is said that the class flower of that year will also come .” Wang Hao, who was just about to get off work, answered a phone , The phone call was from his faxiao and close friend Xu California . LV haogang wanted to say something happened that day , Can't go to . Xu California hung up without giving him a chance to speak .

Drop the phone , LV Hao's thoughts can't help returning to the University era , Wang Lina was the school flower at that time , People are beautiful , I hear her father is still an executive , I remember there were many boys around her , LV Hao also confessed to Wang Lina several times , Were ruthlessly rejected .

Once the school organized a football match , See Wang Lina watching the ball , In order to get Wang Lina's attention , LV Hao is also desperate , A foot on the door is too hard , Cause yourself to fall , Fracture of knee , From then on, I was far away from my beloved football .

The phone rings suddenly , Pulled back LV Hao's thoughts far away , Looking out the window, there was a drizzle , LV Hao laughed at himself , Got up and left the office .

Saturday night , When LV Hao arrived at the door of the hotel for the party , Xu California had been waiting for him at the door long ago . Pull LV Hao , Xu California hurriedly took him to the box , The moment I entered the door , LV Hao didn't seem to see Wang Lina . Seeing LV Hao lost , Xu California punched him and said :“ Brother , Are you looking for class flowers .” Hearing this , The other students began to coax , Making trouble for LV Hao to explain the problem , Just as everyone was making fun of LV Hao , Suddenly the box door was pushed open , Wang Lina came in !

When I saw Wang Lina , Everyone stopped talking , Years seem to dote on her , A few years passed , Still beautiful . See everyone staring at themselves , Wang Lina is sorry , He took LV Hao's hand and said : What is everybody looking at me for , I'm hungry , Lu Hao , Let's eat first . Said , He took LV Hao and sat beside him .

Looking at the students around me, I want to make fun of myself , LV Hao sat in a corner far away from Wang Lina . The other students laughed as they watched .

The wine lead three cruise , The male students are all courteous to the class flowers , It means your career is successful , Clap your chest and say , What can I do for you , Find a brother , Only LV Hao sat quietly without talking .

When you leave , All the male students rushed to send Wang Lina , LV Hao looked from a distance as if the stars were holding the moon , Wang Lina, who left surrounded by her male classmates , Left the hotel silently .

“ Lu Hao , Have you heard that ? Wang Lina's father company has a quality problem , It is said that her father is mainly responsible , To pay a lot of money , Call me to borrow money , I can't afford to lend her , The other students heard that none of them lent it to her ……”, Listen to Xu California chattering on the phone , LV Hao's brain is blank . Just hung up , Wang Lina called ,“ Lu Hao , Something happened to my father , Can you help me ? Lend me some money , So much compensation , My house has been sold , Is not enough . I borrowed a lot of classmates , They all said they had no money , I know you have no money , But I really have no way ”. Listen to Wang Lina's helpless tone , LV Hao's hearts are all tied together . He asked Wang Lina to send him the card number .

the second day , LV Hao called 30000 to the card given by Wang Lina , After receiving the money , Wang Lina said to thank him face to face , Rejected by LV Hao . after that , Wang Lina seems to have left the city , None of the students saw her

In the twinkling of an eye, three years have passed , Until one day , LV Hao who just came home from work , Suddenly I saw Wang Lina standing at the door of my house , She is still so beautiful .“ Lu Hao , Are you okay? ?” The moment I saw LV Hao , I saw a deep scar on LV Hao's face , Wang Lina can't help covering her mouth .

original , That night, , In order to borrow money for Wang Lina , LV Hao rode a motorcycle to his uncle's house in the countryside to get money , On rainy days

There was a car accident , This left such a big scar on his face . Hearing this, Wang Lina couldn't help crying with LV Hao in her arms .

It turns out that three years ago , Wang Lina's family moved to her aunt's city . This time I came back mainly to find LV Hao , Besides paying back , I would also like to thank LV Hao for his help . And Wang Lina always knew that LV Hao liked her , After what happened to her father , She also understood that LV Hao was really sincere to her , So this time I came back to find out this matter with LV Hao , By the way, I'm engaged .

Looking at the beautiful and moving Wang Lina , LV Hao didn't say anything , Open the door , A lame girl came over ,“ This is my wife ,” LV Hao introduced Wang Lina ,“ Your wife , You're married ?” Wang Lina looked at LV Hao incredulously .

“ Yes , When her father drove her , Because of the weather , Hit LV Hao , Her father died in a car accident , She was alone in the hospital , I've been taking care of her , Now we are married .” LV Hao hugged his wife and said to Wang Lina .

Looking at the happy LV Hao and his wife , Although Wang Lina is a little sorry , But I still bless them deeply , Left LV Hao's home with gratitude .

source : Xinxin story collection

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