He helped Andy Lau pay off her 40 million debt. In her old age, she was gnawed by her children and had nothing. Now Huazai gives her an old-age pension

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 10:35:14

Andy Lau, as one of the four heavenly kings , It has a high reputation , He also has a high reputation in the circle , The attitude of filming is also very serious , Andy Lau, who can be the king of heaven for a generation, must have his reason , Enduring as a classic . When filming, for the sake of reality , Ask plain people to really slap him in the face .

Andy Lau's concert , It's always hard to get a vote 、 A packed . His fans, men, women, old and young , Is the common idol of generations , Today, , Few people have been able to achieve such influence as him . The reason why Andy Lau can have such a great influence , It has a lot to do with his usual behavior .

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