How about making a TV play in the way of literary film?

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I've been chasing mangoes recently TV Of 《 Mother-in-law's bracelet 》, I don't pay much attention to Douban page , Some people make complaints about their old wives' wives , I think this is “ Mango monsoon ” The most ambitious play in . Even in style innovation , It can be said to be the most attitudinal play in this series .

The reason why word of mouth is polarized , Low heat , Maybe it's because the play is too literary , Not grounded enough .

Some people may think I'm satirizing , After all, a film title has the temperament of a wronged little daughter-in-law of the Republic of China , Lecture on mother-in-law and daughter-in-law war 、 No matter how you look at TV dramas, they have nothing to do with literature and art .

I want to say , This is the embarrassment of the local film and television drama creation environment , Take the most understandable example , Did you find that if the court drama is on fire , Then all kinds of women and small masters get together , Remember to turn on your cell phone 、 TV , Is it a grand occasion for Yongzheng with four different faces to fall in love with a group of women ?

Application of color block light and shadow

That's because the main creators of film and television are market-oriented , This repeatedly caters to 、 Roll up to the fire, pile up and shoot , As a result, the similarity of film and television dramas is getting higher and higher , Fewer and fewer surprises .

Maybe if the theme of a play is unpopular 、 The style is too bold and innovative , Many stop at the script stage , It's hard to get the management to sponsor the shooting . therefore , Only when there is an audience in the barrage “ This is a monsoon play , It's not an ordinary TV play ”, This is also my love “ Mango monsoon ” Why .

At least it's a surprise 、 Allow unexpected series of unit plays , Even if it's not popular enough 、 Some are slightly minority , But I saw someone else seriously filming , Try it out , It's worth looking forward to .

Full emotional release brought by frame drawing skills

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