Have you learned the correct way to open cloud backup?

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With the continuous development of information technology , The deepening of enterprise digital transformation , Data has become the core asset of the enterprise . Facing the growing mass of data , To protect data security 、 Avoid data disaster , Data backup has become the most important line of defense for individuals or enterprises to protect data assets .
As more and more enterprises choose to migrate data to the cloud , Cloud services gradually take over a large amount of computing and data , How to simply and effectively persist data on the cloud 、 Further processing and analysis of the data 、 Mining data value is the latest problem faced by cloud users

Are you facing these problems ?

1、 Use self built scripts or other backup software for cloud data backup , The development process is complex 、 Availability is not guaranteed 、 The operation and maintenance cost is high ;

2、 Backup data comes from a wide range of sources 、 The data channel is complex 、 Metadata is scattered and difficult to manage , Hope to manage any type of 、 Backup data of any size ;

3、 For backup data , Lack of data processing and analysis ability , It is difficult to connect the computing analysis platform and other service applications , Massive data is difficult to revitalize 、 No insight into the value of data ;

Solution : Backup cloud data to COS

Tencent cloud object storage (Cloud Object Storage,COS) As the base of the data Lake , have Low cost 、 Highly reliable 、 Elasticity, etc . For cloud data backup ,COS be based on Cloud functions (Serverless Cloud Function,SCF) It provides users with rich one-stop data backup solutions , The user only needs to configure the backup rules with one click in the specified bucket , The cloud function will automatically complete the backup and dump according to a certain time granularity :

  • MySQL、MongoDB、Redis Wait for cloud database backup dump , Assist users to transfer the backup files on the cloud database to the object storage for persistent storage , To prevent data loss or corruption ;

  • Ckafka 、TDMQ Message transfer , Help users dump messages to the object store , It is convenient for users to analyze and download data ;

  • CDN、CLS Log delivery , Assist users in transferring logs to object storage , Further meet the needs of log backup scenarios , To facilitate access behavior analysis 、 Service quality monitoring and other mining log data value .

Program advantages

  • Simpler operation : Support visual operation 、 One click configuration , Simplify development process , No coding work required , Greatly improve R & D efficiency ;

  • A richer scene : cover MySQL、MongoDB And other common cloud databases ,Ckafka Cloud message queue ,CDN Log and other data backup . More data channels will be supported in the future , Full coverage of logs 、 news 、 database 、HDFS Various data sources ;

  • Lower cost : Users do not need to purchase expensive hardware , No need to worry about capacity expansion 、 Safety and other issues ,COS All done for you , Data cooling through lifecycle management , Further reduce backup costs ;

  • More flexible data processing capabilities : For backup data , COS Provide a variety of basic data processing capabilities , Such as images 、 Video processing 、 Document preview 、 Audio and video content audit, etc , combination SCF Custom function processing power and COS Data workflow , Users can flexibly customize processing logic , Meet the needs of different scenarios ;

Experience examples

1、 To COS Console application integration , Label selection “ Data backup and migration ”. stay “ The data backup ” part , You can see a wealth of backup scenario cards , Click on “ To view the document ” You can see the detailed introduction ;

2、 Here we use “CDN Log backup ” For example , Click on “ Configure backup rules ”, Enter the rule list page . You can see common information about backup rules, such as “ Trigger cycle ”、“ Associated bucket ” etc. , Click on “ details ” You can view more configuration information ;

3、 Click on “ Add function ”, To configure CDN Log backup rules , Click on the confirmation , Automatically create cloud functions , For detailed configuration description, please refer to CDN Log backup ;

4、 Access to bucket resources by accelerating domain names ,COS Provides multiple ways to access bucket resources , Details visible Tool Overview ( Optional );

5、 To the... Configured in the backup rule “ Associated bucket ” File list , Enter the root directory or specify the prefix , notice CDN The log has been dumped to the associated bucket ;

6、 You can click on the “ download ” Button to download the backup file locally , Decompress it for further analysis .

The follow-up plan

Support more cloud product log backups 、 Unified online and offline backup methods , Full coverage of logs 、 news 、 database 、HDFS Backup of various data sources ;

Provide richer data processing capabilities , With COS As a data base , Linking more cloud services and computing platforms , Comprehensively help users break the data island , Mining data value .

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