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Photography 2021-09-15 10:30:11

                  【 Broken winged angel 】

The little dragonfly was trapped in the driveway and flapped its wings in vain , I'll take a small stick and put it over , It'll soon hold on , Seems to know I'm saving it

cherub , I'm sorry I can't fix your wings , But I can take you home ~

                    【 The black swan 】

I met this Swan again today , I walked around the Bush and saw it eating grass , Just say hello to it . It soon responded to me , The hair on the neck blew up , The voice is very loud , But , How do you feel like swearing ~

                        【 The chair 】

I've been looking at decoration design and furniture recently .

Take Abu out for a walk , We found a small chair with a sense of design on the basketball court where we often play football , Let me take a picture of it .

                      【 Dwarf Winter Wheat 】

Recently, this kind of little flower has bloomed all over the depths of the grass , Before the golden autumn comes, it becomes an elegant and clear stream .

                      【 play 】

Regular activities every day , Looking for tennis , Play tennis , Kick the ball, kick the bottle , Sometimes I can kick a car .

Or look at the cat .

【 Little oil lamp & candle 】

Liangliang bought electronic oil lamps and candles from the Internet , He lights up the light before every meal , Let them sway . Walking Abu at night , He always goes out with a light ~

A boy in his twenties rarely has this innocence and romance .

【 flower arrangement 】

I want to try flower arrangement recently , A special picnic box was vacated , Spent the whole night thinking about inserting , It's not bad .

From now on , It's not fun to eat and drink in front of a box of beautiful flowers every day !

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