Kobe's eldest daughter is in fashion magazines! 18-year-old temperament and figure do not lose Vanessa, Gasol sends blessings

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 10:13:04

9 month 9 Japan , Kobe's eldest daughter Natalia - Bryant appeared in a well-known fashion magazine 《Teen Vogue》 Of 9 Monthly cover . Paul - Gasol also sent blessings to his good brother's daughter .

Kobe's eldest daughter Natalia this year 18 year , She was previously admitted to the University of Southern California , And has officially opened a new campus life some time ago . Although I am a student , But Natalia used her spare time , Shot a group “ Fashion blockbuster ”.

Natalia has signed a contract with a well-known model company in the United States , And received some good advertising resources , And the blockbuster shot this time , It was from this model company . Natalia was shooting , Tried many different styles , Whether it's youth 、 Retro style , Or mature style , Natalia can control .

Natalia has only 18 year , But her temperament and figure are not inferior to her mother Vanessa . Natalia's body is a perfect combination of Kobe and Vanessa's characteristics , Her facial features , Especially the mouth looks like Kobe . And body shape and look , More like Vanessa . Due to genetic problems , So Natalia is much taller than her peers , As the saying goes “ 18 changes in a woman ”, The little one that Kobe Bryant took to the post game press conference , Now you can be alone .

From Natalia's blockbusters , Some of her scenes still look , It's like Vanessa when she was young . It is worth mentioning that , Another series in the blockbuster is wearing a suit , One of them is Natalia in a black suit , It's like paying tribute to your father .

Recently, Natalia also mentioned her father Kobe in an interview , She said :“ He is the father of the best daughters ever , Throughout the journey , He just made my playlist full of Taylor - swift , He also talked about Star Wars , It's really interesting .”“ I like to talk about my father , Inside this ( The feeling of ) Bittersweet , But I enjoy talking about him more , Instead of feeling sad about it .” Natalia said .

With this group of fashion blockbusters , Natalia appeared in a well-known fashion magazine today 《Teen Vogue》 Of 9 Monthly cover . And Gasol is also INS I sent my blessing to you , He wrote :“ You are wonderful @ Natalia !!! I'm so proud of you , It's always been like this !# family .” Natalia is still adding INS The following reply : Thank you ! I love you! , Uncle Paul !

The eldest daughter has started a new campus life , And published in fashion magazines , And Vanessa is not idle . Some time ago , Vanessa and her friends went to Venice, Italy for a holiday , And attended a bachelor party , Meet a lot of high-quality men . look , Vanessa has gradually come out of the haze of Kobe Bryant's death , Ready to start a new life !

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