Peng Chia went bankrupt for a year, and borrowed new debts. He was unable to pay off the money and disappeared. He has become an old Lai in the circle

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Taiwan's harmonic star Peng is just in 2020 Declared bankrupt in , Because I owe 2.4 Billion new Taiwan dollar ( About us 5600 Thousands of yuan ) Debt of , I'm really unable to repay . And declaring bankruptcy is humiliating , But also for yourself , Give creditors a space to ease , I hope creditors will stop rolling profits , Let yourself work hard to pay back . In fact, Peng is very clever , Very good at using your celebrity status , Use the pressure of public opinion , Let creditors give a grace period , At the same time, it also ensures your personal safety , But even so , The debt still needs to be paid , How can I still , When to return , This can only be negotiated between himself and the creditor .

In a twinkling of an eye, the time for public bankruptcy has passed for a year , Pengcha's debt is still not paid off , And a lot of new debt . Because Pengcha always wants to make a comeback , For example, by doing business , Make money by making movies , Turn over the book early , Unfortunately, the epidemic in Taiwan is 2021 Annual spread , It makes his development difficult . Recently, he suddenly sent a message to his creditors saying “ Tonight? , It was the last night of my life ”, Then the creditor took the initiative to contact him , But I found that I couldn't contact , His personal condition is worrying .

Peng Chacha has already 65 Year old , With his qualifications , At this age, you can retire and enjoy happiness , And now I'm in debt , The car 、 The house has been paid off , In the future, we must continue to work hard to pay off our debts , When it will be the end is unknown , Why bother ? Why ? And all this is to blame . Pengcha can be called a senior artist in Taiwan , Be the host 、 Out of the record 、 acting , It's all about , And they all have good results , And many friends on the mainland recognize Peng Chacha , Because he starred 《 There is a fairy wife at home 》, It can also be regarded as a sentimental artist .

Obviously, development is good , But this is the end , It's because he wants to invest in movies , He also invested in four films in one breath , As a result, the film didn't sell well , At a loss , He still doesn't give up , Finally choose to borrow from usury 6000 Ten thousand new Taiwan dollars , The end result, of course, is that the film didn't succeed , And the debt is getting bigger and bigger .6000 Ten million NT dollars rolled into 2.4 Billion , Sold the mansion , Sold a luxury car , Can't fill this hole , In desperation, they can only declare bankruptcy . In order to stabilize creditors , After bankruptcy, he held two media meetings , The purpose is to reassure creditors , Show determination to try to pay off the debt , At the same time, he also called on all walks of life to give him more job opportunities , Strive to pay off the debt as soon as possible .

In fact, judging from the fact that Pengcha clearly has no money and has to borrow usury to make movies , It shows that he is very impractical , Especially in the case of not paying off the old debt and constantly borrowing new debt . In fact, this year , Peng Chacha has been doing things that are divorced from reality , In addition to working hard to pay off the debt , Still want to continue making movies , He once called on the outside world to raise funds to make films for him , Of course, no fool would make such a hopeless investment . in addition , In order to pay off the debt as soon as possible , He is active in business , But he has no money , So I can only borrow money to do business , Most of them will choose some friends they know in the circle 、 artist , Or a business partner on credit .

Pengcha is probably in 8 In June, I cooperated with a girl named Peizhen to do kimchi business . We haven't known each other long , Peng Chacha borrowed it from the other party 46 Ten thousand new Taiwan dollars , At that time, the other party thought the amount was not large , I feel even more pitiful for Peng Chacha , Should be desperate to borrow money , So I borrowed it . But it's time to pay back , The Pengcha people disappeared , Peizhen was not in a hurry to repay Pengcha , Just take the initiative to care about him , See if something's wrong with him , As a result, Peng Cha Cha left a message to Peizhen “ Tonight? , It was the last night of my life ”, Then I can't get in touch again .

Although Peizhen is not familiar with Peng , But out of kindness, I'm also worried about his condition , I'm afraid he can't think of shortsightedness , So we can only publish this news , I hope all sectors of society can help find . After the matter was made public , Many people who have contacts with Pengcha are extremely worried , Everyone has provided clues . One of the brokers said , During this period of time, we also got in touch with Pengcha , The two sides have finalized 9 Work in the second half of the month , At that time, I didn't think there was anything wrong with the other party . In addition, some netizens said , stay 9 month 8 I also saw Pengcha take the high-speed railway on the 20th , He looked natural , Normal walking , Nothing different . It turned out to be a false alarm , After things get bigger and bigger , Peng just publicly reported Ping An on the social platform , Say you're safe , At the same time, it also said that recently, due to the impact of the epidemic , Many development plans have been affected , It hit him hard , So I don't understand for a moment , Just said some depressed words .

In retrospect, Pengcha has 65 Year old , I still don't have the ability to be a man and do things , And live so unrealistic , The most important thing is to continue to borrow money in debt . It is reported that , He has been asking his friends to borrow money before and after bankruptcy , many 300 NT $10000 , Is less 10 NT $10000 , And they have borrowed but not returned , Borrow again and again , Pejan is just one of the small creditors , He borrowed two sums of money successively, totaling 46 Ten thousand new Taiwan dollars to Pengcha . It can only be said that Peng Chacha is now undermining his last favor , Consume the good impression he has made in the circle for many years , Now he has become an old Lai in the circle , I believe that in the end, people can only betray their relatives .

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