46 year old Wu Yanzu lost a big circle in recent photos! There is no shelf for taking group photos with fans, with strong body and three-dimensional facial features

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 10:12:48

In recent days, , Some netizens posted photos of Wu Yanzu in the restaurant on the social platform . The netizen revealed that he was going to Wu Yanzu's fan meeting , Unexpectedly, after the meeting, I ran into Wu Yanzu in the nearby restaurant , He also praised Wu Yanzu for being handsome , The facial features are very three-dimensional , Act very gentlemanly .

In the photo , Wu Yanzu wore a blue cowboy coat with a white backing inside , Wearing black framed glasses and a mask , Can't see the whole face , But the eyes are deep , Judging from the bulge of the mask , The facial features are still so three-dimensional , It's just that the hairline on the head moves back a little seriously , It seems that the forehead is relatively large .

In a picture from another angle , Wu Yanzu has a strong figure , Thick shoulders , The line feeling of the face is obvious , Compared with the photos of a little fat some time ago , Lost a lot of weight . Standing with fans to take photos is also very close to the people 、 Grounding gas .

In the encounter pictures exposed online , In the follow-up, many people came up for group photos , Wu Yanzu also took pictures with them one by one , And to take care of older fans , He leaned down slightly to take a picture with him .

Some time ago , Wu Yanzu shares his daily photos on his personal social platform , And the accompanying text said that he was participating in the car race . In the picture , Wu Yanzu wears sunglasses 、 Dressed in black, very handsome , However, many netizens questioned in the comment area , Wu Yanzu looks fat .

But even being fat doesn't affect Wu Yanzu's appearance , Still so handsome and charming . Like Wu Yanzu's photos taken with his car recently , He wears a cap , Look at the camera without expression , There is still a circle of stubble on the Chin , Good temperament .

As we grow older , Wu Yanzu has rarely appeared in public , Social platforms are also slow to release updates , Occasionally I can see him in private . however , From the photos , As we grow older , Wu Yanzu is still so mature and charming .

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