Zhang Qi shows his love late at night. There are countless fans in brother cutting through thorns

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Zhang Qi, the lead singer of the Black Panther band 9 month 9 Released a photo with his wife in the early morning of the th , Show your love late at night . Netizens call directly : My sister-in-law is so beautiful , I have a good husband and wife relationship with brother Qi ! During this time, Zhang Qi participated in a variety show called 《 My brother 》, His excellent performance in the program also made him gain the love of a large number of fans .

A lot of people don't know , When Zhang Qi was young, he actually participated in 2007 Year of 《 Happy boys 》, It has also entered the top ten in Xi'an . Before joining the Panthers , Zhang Qi has been an actor 、 Singer, etc , And he himself is a dancer , In one issue 《 My brother 》 They also showed Lee Seung Hyun a dance . Although I haven't danced for a long time , But I can still see that fan is .

here we are 2013 year , Zhang Qi was invited to join the Panther band , To be the lead singer . At first, some people thought he didn't rock at all , After all, how can a rock man take part in a singing competition , Or participate in film and television works, etc . And his beautiful appearance , What's more, it's not in line with everyone's understanding of “ Old rock gun ” Look forward to . But the other members of the Panther band loved this “ Busy ”, During Zhang Qi's controversial period , Almost all of them will say that Zhang Qi is the most suitable lead singer for the Panther band .

Zhang Qi attended this meeting 《 My brother 》, One is that the Panthers want to test the water , Strengthen ties with young groups , After all, this new media era , Using the old way to promote rock and roll has been a little inadequate . The other is , The Panthers really want to continue the spirit of rock and roll , Only young people are interested and add new blood , The vitality of rock and roll can be continued .

It is worth mentioning that , The other members of the Panthers , Almost all 50+ Big brother of , So that Zhang Qi can stay in 《 My brother 》 The stage votes day and night , Still canvassing for him on Weibo . I can see you , Zhang Qi is really the most favored younger brother in the team . Everything comes to him who waits , Zhang Qi's lovely character and super high business ability , Let him pass 《 My brother 》 This program sucks countless fans .

As the youngest lead singer of the Panthers , Zhang Qi has a long way to go in rock and roll , I hope he can create more works with rock spirit . At the same time, I hope Zhang Qi can 《 My brother 》 Stand at the end of the program stage , Let young people feel the power of rock and roll !

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