There are so many beauties in the new version of Tianlong eight. What characters do you expect?

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The new version mentioned here 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》, It refers to director Yu Rongguang , You Yang Youning 、 Janice man 、 Drama starring Bai Shu and others . This work is adapted from Jin Yong's novel , A broadcast also caused a lot of hot discussion , It's easy to guess why , It's all kinds of old-fashioned problems caused by remake . Because every remake of Jin Yong's novels will inevitably cause controversy , And most of them are bad comments .

This time the play has encountered the same problem , But because the novel has deep influence , So many people continue to remake one after another . however , Let's not talk about the new version today 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 What are the problems with production and screenwriting , Just say that there are many beautiful actors in the play , Janice man 、 Su Qing 、 He Hongshan 、 Huang Yi 、 Zhu Zhu, wait , Which ones are more worth looking forward to .

Wen Yongshan plays “ Wang Yu Yan ”

I have a personal understanding of Wen Yongshan's “ Wang Yu Yan ” I'm looking forward to it , The reason is that this will give birth to a new “ The fairy elder sister ”. This new edition 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 In addition to all kinds of reproducers being scolded , In fact, many beautiful actors in the play are still worth looking forward to . Wen Yongshan is a , It is estimated that many viewers are not very familiar with her , Because it has been developing in Hong Kong , So mainland people know less about her . however , This is also a beautiful actress , sweet , Fresh and refined . She's been in love movies 《 Love for you 》, And thrillers 《 Lost after fierce 》, as well as 《 chills 2》, in addition 《 Chinatown detective 3》 There was also her amazing appearance .

Su Qing plays “ arjuna ”

For Su Qing , Some people say she is not a beauty , Maybe it's because she was 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 The villain in “ Erqing ” Well . In fact, she is quite beautiful , Facial features are regular , have beautiful features , The most important thing is that her acting is commendable . Everyone in 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 Seeing her strength show, you can also feel that her future is still relatively developed . This time I play a loving and gentle woman , It is estimated that it will change the past “ Erqing ” Give a bad impression , So what I look forward to most is her appearance .

He Hongshan plays “ Violet ”

in addition , An important role in the play “ Violet ” It is played by he Hongshan . Many netizens must have told her that she was in 《 If taken the 》 The one who plays “ Bailuji ” impressive , A beautiful woman who is smart and mistaken by smart . Smart and cruel this time , spoony “ Violet ” I don't know if I can still win the hearts of the people , Look at her performance .


In addition to the expectation of the above main beautiful characters , In addition, there is Huang Yi , And Zhu Zhu , Ma Yashu and other powerful actresses are also very expected . that , This new edition 《 The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils 》 Who do you like and expect most ?

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