Why did "eternal Jue dust" welcome the unanimous praise of the public after its reputation hit the street at the beginning

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A lot of times , There is no comparability between different people .

Just like a TV play played by different actors , Because the director 、 Script 、 The difference between the actors and the first impression , After comparison, it's easy for the audience to pick on the later TV dramas .

And here , I have to mention the hot whole network some time ago 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 了 .

《 Eternal Jue dust 》 It was such a TV play that was denounced and criticized by the audience as soon as it was broadcast , Almost all the saliva was concentrated on Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai .

Many viewers and netizens think , Although Zhou Dongyu doesn't match ugliness , But she is definitely not a stunning beauty , Just 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 Such a big one ip For a masterpiece , The heroine it invited should be similar to Liu Yifei's top actress with her own fairy spirit .

So when the audience found that Zhou Dongyu was 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 When the heroine , Most of the audience's hearts are filled with regret and disappointment .

The same is true for Xu Kai , To be realistic , Xu Kai's beauty peak is not 《 Eternal Jue dust 》, But in 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 Inside ,《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 Xu Kai in , Face fat and thin just , And it really can be called “ tall , stately and handsome 、 Handsome and natural and unrestrained ” These eight words .

But then 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 After inside , Once romantic 、 Xu Kai, who is just fat and thin, has become fat .

This “ fat ” It's fatal for Xu Kai , It's also fatal for all actors , Because in the whole entertainment industry , Whether it's a handsome male star , Or a beautiful female star , As soon as you get fat , It will definitely make them panic .

That's why actors and actresses in the entertainment industry always like fitness 、 The main reason for bodybuilding .

Not how much they like fitness , It's because if they don't exercise, they lose shape , Not only do they lose powder quickly , It will also lose a lot of resources that were easy to get .

Words , Xiaobian also thinks Xu Kai is a little fat , Zhou Dongyu's appearance is not outstanding enough .

So Xu Kai, who is getting fat, is here 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 Be not at all surprising that the audience was crazy to make complaints about it at the beginning. .

However , The lack of good appearance doesn't mean that Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai can't make people happy with their profound acting skills and wonderful plot 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 From not being favored by everyone at the beginning, to the subsequent upwind reversal .

And it is , With the continuous promotion of the plot , With the profound acting skills of who is like who , Ancient and houchi played by Zhou Dongyu , And Bai Jue and Qing mu, played by Xu Kai, began to have a explosive chemical reaction .

Almost exactly from 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 The third episode begins , The wonderful emotional drama and super burning fighting special effects began to quickly pull the audience out of their dissatisfaction with Zhou Dongyu and Xu kaiyanjuan .

And then a lot of people found out , How come the more you look back, the more you look up , Especially about 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 Some emotional scenes in , I don't know how many tears the audience shed .

The emotional drama in this play includes not only love , And family and friendship .

Love is of course ancient and white Jue , Between houchi and Qingmu , Sad and beautiful , Righteousness and wisdom , It makes people envy and regret .

Family affection is the father daughter relationship between houchi and Gujun , Excessive lacrimal dots , There are many highlights , It is not inferior to the emotional line of ancient times and Bai Jue .

Friendship is and apocalypse 、 Yue Mi's .

For the Apocalypse , In ancient times, he was regarded as the most trustworthy friend , Even when he stole the ancestral God Lingyu and planned to open the world destruction array , Ancient times still chose to believe him .

For Yue mi , She was regarded as a good friend in ancient times , They have a close relationship , Talk about everything .

Finally, it's about the plot , Because besides the actors' acting skills, they are awesome. ,《 Eternal Jue dust 》 It is also excellent in the direction of the plot .

The main wonderful plot focuses on the ancient martyrdom ; The Apocalypse started the war of annihilation for ancient times ; The war between the gods and Xuanyi's gods and Demons ; Gu Jun's arrogance protects his daughter ; There is also a scene in which Bai Jue plans to lose her soul for ancient times after ten thousand years of cultivating chaotic divine power , Every pile is wonderful .

therefore , watch 《 Eternal Jue dust 》 Be patient when , Don't abandon the play just because you don't think the previous episode or two is very exciting , Because all the good-looking ones are gathered behind .

source : Xiaoqing entertainment

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