Guo pinchao and Ma Zehan officially declared a love affair. The age difference is 19 years, but the appearance difference is small, but they are ridiculed by the group

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Guo pinchao and Ma Zehan announced their relationship , Age difference 19 year , The appearance difference is not big, but it is ridiculed by the group

Recently, because of the big cleaning in the entertainment industry , Many artists have kept a low profile , I'm afraid I'll catch fire if I'm not careful . But there are also some people who even make movies in a down-to-earth manner , It will be “ disaster comes ”, For example, Yangzi . If there were no accidents, she had three plays on air this summer , Turn on the screen mode . But unexpectedly, the partners of the three plays have had accidents one after another , So that the originally scheduled play had to be postponed .

Guan Xuan's love

However, some people worry, others naturally like , The show has been postponed , On the other side, someone declared a love affair , It adds a trace of happiness to the depressed entertainment circle . These two people are Guo pinchao and Ma Zehan , They used to be 2019 I cooperated in TV series in 《 Three lives and three lives pillow a Book 》.

Among them, Ma Zehan played Chang di , Guo pinchao played Su Mo ye . And when they were filming, they had an affair , But because their ages are different 19 year , And because Guo pinchao claimed that they were just friends , So the matter ended up in the end .

Unexpectedly, two years have passed , They suddenly announced it , Many netizens were surprised . However, it is not difficult to guess that the two may have been dating at that time , Until now, the relationship has been stable before deciding the official declaration , Obviously, they are not very impulsive people , Let netizens also send blessings .

Too much age difference

And for this official publicity, they obviously spent some time , Because it was ma Zehan's birthday , The time is still set 13:14. In Guan Xuan's photo, the two people hold a cake and look at each other affectionately , Ma Zehan leans in Guo pinchao's arms , The other side looked at her affectionately , Let everyone eat a mouthful of dog food .

But although they look sweet in the picture , It's a perfect match . But the age of the two people make complaints about them. “ Father daughter love ”. Because Guo pinchao was born in 1977 year , It's already this year 44 Year old . But Ma Zehan is 1996 Born in , Only 25 year .

There is a whole difference between the two 19 year , Some precocious people may get married and have children . So many people make complaints about them. “ couples ”, It looks like “ Father and daughter ”. No matter how young Guo pinchao looks in appearance , But age can't be fake . Although today's society is free love , Age is not a big problem , But the difference is too big, but it will still be a little difficult for everyone to accept .

Used to be 《 Fighting fish 》 Man

However, many people are curious about how Guo pinchao maintains the real estate , Because his looks don't look like 44, It's not too much to say that it's a little fresh meat in its twenties . Especially many people who like to chase plays know , Guo pinchao's famous work is 《 Fighting fish 》.

At that time, he and an Yixuan had a big fire with the play , Their final outcome also makes many people feel uneasy . Although not in that era “cp” The word" , But many people like the couple they play very much . After that, an Yixuan's works continued , But Guo pinchao broke a rumored girlfriend in a play .

In the end, the work was not very good , But gossip is everywhere , The fate of passers-by is also gradually lost . After that, new people in the circle emerge in endlessly , He was also slowly forgotten . Sometimes it's hard to play some supporting roles , as 《 Three lives and three lives pillow a Book 》, Even if the character is impressive, there is no follow-up .

Ma Zehan is an artist of Huang Zitao company , Graduated from Chinese opera .4 He began to learn dance at the age of ,6 Has officially entered the entertainment industry since the age of . Although there are not many works , But the cause is always tepid . If it wasn't for the love exposure this time, I would have gained a wave of traffic , It may be really difficult for netizens to pay attention to him .

But now they are officially declared , Obviously take this relationship very seriously . So although the age difference is a little big , Blessing and public opinion are also polarized , Many netizens are also watching the play with the mentality of eating melons . But I still hope they can be happy , Together for a long time , Don't be like some little lovers in the circle , It's easy to break up if you don't agree .

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