When the mermaid was released, Clara Peng continued to write the legend of the sea. The most beautiful mermaid bravely pursued love

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Fantasy love movies 《 Mermaid 》 It has been shown on the network video platform , The film is directed by Captain Zhang , Lin yanrou 、 Ying Daizhen 、 Clara 、 Peng 16 and others co starred , It mainly tells about the mermaid family under the threat of the human Marine Research Institute , The story of fighting for home and survival .

This is a low-cost cross racial fantasy romantic love story , Yang Fan, a researcher in marine biology ( Ying Daizhen plays ) Catching Mermaid dream beauty ( Clara plays ) When falling into the sea , The mermaid Xiaoyu dressed as a human ( Lin yanrou plays ) Help , In the experience of using 、 doubt 、 cheating 、 Frankly, after honing , Yang Fan and Xiao Yu fall in love , And finally save each other . This film tells the story of Yang Fan and Mermaid Xiaoyu's love across races , Intended to convey “ Love and harmony ” The values of .

Yang Fan and Zuo Shan ( Peng 16 plays ) Is a member of the Institute of Marine Biology , Under the leadership of their master Wang Li, they followed the trail of the mermaid , Yang Fan's purpose is very simple , In depth study of the new species of mermaid , This can better maintain the marine ecological balance . Master Wang Li and younger martial sister Zuo Shan are different , They want to commercialize Mermaid research , Because the mermaid has too many business opportunities , The ideas of the two groups are gradually at odds , Yang Fan thinks the mermaid should be well protected , Wang Li and Zuo Shan took them completely as experimental objects , Tormenting mermaids day and night , draw blood 、 The anatomy of the ……

In an operation of catching mermaids, Yang Fan captured the dream beauty of the mermaid family , But he jumped into the sea himself , Wang Li left his shirt and ignored Yang Fan falling into the sea , Directly left with Mengmei . Yang Fan woke up and found himself rescued by an island aborigine named Xiaoyu , Xiaoyu said that in order to save Yang Fan, she also did artificial respiration , So she will be Yang Fan's person in the future , Yang Fan must be responsible for her . At first, Yang Fan felt that Xiaoyu was mentally ill , But island residents have repeatedly put pressure , He can only go home with light rain !

The so-called island residents are actually mermaids , Xiao Yu knows more about human beings because she often reads human novels , In human legend, mermaids are violent water demons , They often seduce passing ships with charming songs , Lost sailors will eventually be killed by mermaids . The lighthouse keeper's job is to point out the direction for the lost ship , So he kept tracking down the mermaid , Then the guardian finally found the trace of the mermaid , But he accidentally fell into the sea and his life was on the line , Unexpectedly, the mermaid saved the guardian , The guardian found that humans misunderstood the mermaid , Mermaids are pure in nature , Their songs are actually piloting sailors , Finally, the guardian fell in love with the mermaid ! Xiaoyu thinks that humans should make a difference to mermaids , But I didn't expect fairy tales to be deceptive , So she's going to use a beauty trick against Yang Fan , Enter Yang Fan's work and life by touching porcelain , Then find a chance to save Mengmei home !

The light rain entering the metropolis is incompatible with this era , When she got lost, she actually listened to the hooligans and drank one cup after another , All kinds of experiences have also made Xiaoyu and Yang Fan fall in love , But Wang Li and Zuo Shan are still suspicious of Xiaoyu , Because there are no aborigines on that island , So he encouraged Yang Fan to test , As long as the mermaid's feet touch water, they can show their original shape , What Yang Fan doesn't know is that Xiaoyu has the fixed sea bead of mermaid family , So you'll stay in human shape when you get wet , Finally he let go of his guard and accepted Xiaoyu , And Xiaoyu finally found a chance to sneak into the Institute !

Unexpectedly, Wang Li and Zuo Shan were already in full battle , After his companion was caught, Xiaoyu narrowly escaped death , Yang Fan also confirmed Xiaoyu's identity through monitoring , But before Xiaoyu left, she saved Yang Fan's seriously ill father with dinghaizhu . Although Yang Fan tried every means to retain , But the patriarch strongly opposed Xiaoyu to continue acting , So light rain jumped back to the sea !

Looking at Mengmei, Wang Li 、 Life is worse than death , Yang Fan finally couldn't sit still , He sailed back to the island to negotiate with the mermaid patriarch , Promise to help them save Mengmei , Under the lobbying of Xiaoyu, the patriarch finally agreed . The finale was very sad , Wang Li and Zuo Shan hit many mermaids , And Wang Li drank the shark liquid extracted from the mermaid , Extracting shark liquid is Wang Li's ultimate goal , Because he wants to live a long life , Finally, Yang Fan saved Xiaoyu at the cost of her life , Light rain revives everyone with sea beads , But the memory of the mermaid no longer exists , The ending is a bit like a movie 《 Painted skin 》!

Yang Fan, who has lost his memory, always wanders by the sea , Still always shed inexplicable tears …… Okay , Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below , Click to follow up and push more wonderful content !

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