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2020 year 11 month 29 On the afternoon of Sunday ,IoTDB Held since the project from Apache For the first time since graduation, community offline meetup. More than 30 people were present at the scene , The whole process of the activity is bilibili Live , Gained high popularity .

stay meetup On , Invited lecturers are IoTDB The state of the community ,IoTDB The principle and the application of a variety of practical scenarios were wonderful shared , Offline and online participants also actively interact with mentors .

Then let's review the wonderful sharing of the lecturers !

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Apache IoTDB Brief introduction to community development

Mr. Huang Xiangdong introduced IoTDB The growth process since open source . Now there are people from 5 A country's 89 Contributors are IoTDB Contributed code , Come together 500+ People's active user base , And there are Dozens of users have used and tested . The next main goal is to release Distributed versions and 1.0 edition

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Tuowei Internet of things platform and Apache IoTDB Of

Applied practice analysis

Mr. Huang Bin introduced that Hunan Tuowei information adopted... In its Internet of things platform Apache IoTDB As a timing data storage engine , And shared The deployment and implementation of the system in a tobacco factory , Now it's online Hundreds of devices , Hundreds of thousands of measuring points .

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Apache Local community ALC Beijing Introduce

Mr. Jiang Ning first introduced the establishment of ALC Beijing Our original intention is to better help the development of open source in China , Then I briefly combed it for you  ALC Beijing Developments in the last year . Last , Mr. Jiang to all involved in Apache Invite members , Looking forward to your joining .

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Massive sequence processing :IoTDB Distributed

Metadata management technology  

Dongfang Guoxin distributed time series database group deeply participated in  IoTDB Distributed R & D , As the head of the Department, Mr. Wang Chao first introduced  IoTDB Distributed architecture for , And then from Hierarchical management and caching mechanism of metadata Gave you a detailed explanation .

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Empathy : Embrace the of cooperation in competition

The necessary technology of open source

Mr. Li Jiansheng thinks Open source is the product of society and culture , It takes the Internet and technology as the media , Build connection and trust between people , In fact, there are higher requirements for members to participate in it : Respect diversity 、 Empathy 、 Rational analysis 、 Decision making 、 Cross cultural communication etc. . Empathy is a crucial part of it , Mr. Li's understanding and experience in this regard are mainly from four points :1、 Why does open source have competition and cooperation ?2、 What is empathy ?3、 Conflict resolution rules in open source project development 4、 Why empathy is so important ?

Then Mr. Li used the case study of Microsoft embracing open source , as well as Apache SkyWalking The case study of .

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IoTDB Use the advanced and behind the principles to introduce

Mr. Xue Kaifeng mainly explained And IOTDB  Advanced use and principle related content , Include IoT Data challenges ,IoT  Data model , Writing principle and optimization strategy , Query principle and optimization strategy ,TsFile structure , Typical query scenarios and principles , Finally, the memory control module contains IoTDB  philosophy —— Open the box

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X-DB Usage of real-time database

Mr. Li Wanhong mainly reported be based on IoTDB  Of xdb Use in power plant , By way of  HBase  Upgrade to  IoTDB, Greatly reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance , Support Single device 30 10000 point load scenario , Good performance .

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IoTDB for Digital Twin Platform

in Germany

adopt Zoom The connection of ,Julian Feinauer stride across 7 The time difference of hours introduces us Germany Pragmatic Minds Company use IoTDB Support the case of digital twins .

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Video playback

Meetup Video playback has been delivered to Apache IoTDB official bilibili Under Account No . stay bilibili On the search Apache-IoTDB You can watch , Or watch through the shortcut link below .

Viewing address :

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QQ Group :659990460

For more information , Stay tuned Apache IoTDB The official account

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