After the epidemic, Nanjing cinema opened for guests on the first day

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Meeting information According to the relevant notification of Nanjing New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command , Today, , Some cultural venues in Nanjing 、 Internet cafes 、 A place of entertainment 、 The performance venue was reopened . It also means that , Nanjing cinema reopened .

“ This round of epidemic has repeatedly brought down the high hopes of the summer file , The audience's viewing needs urgently need to be released ,” Wang Hui, Nanjing regional manager of Wanda studios, believes that , The cinema in Nanjing has been suspended for more than a month , The audience has the appeal of watching the film , Some films have been shown in other cities , But for Nanjing audience, it is still “ new movie ”, Plus the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival and national day , This can stimulate a movie viewing boom , Help the film market recover .

Wang Hui told reporters , at present , Nanjing has 10 Several cinemas reopened , Other cinemas are also being reopened one after another .

The reporter learned from the lighthouse professional data ,《 Out of control players 》、《 A serious case of anger 》 It has become a popular cinema in Nanjing on the first day .《 Out of control players 》 With the opening of the brain hole , A humorous style , Plus “ American team ”“ Wolverine ”“ Star Wars: ” Such as the ingenious fusion of colored egg stem , The success has won praise from the audience , Cat's Eye 、 The scores of ticket shopping are 9.0 Points and 8.8 branch , Box office growth is full of stamina , It is expected to impact 5 The million mark .《 A serious case of anger 》 The release has exceeded 40 God , It is called visual effect in recent years “ Most burst ” One of the police and bandit Hong Kong Films . according to the understanding of , There are more than this month 40 A new film is on , Covering action 、 adventure 、 love 、 youth 、 Comedy and other subject types .

In the upcoming National Day , Now it has been set 11 In the film , Yes 《 Changjin Lake 》《 Me and my parents 》《 Railway hero 》 Three big films , They are called by netizens “ National Day three giants ”.

《 Changjin Lake 》 Currently on the Internet “ I want to count ” It is the most of the three . The film is written by Chen Kaige 、 Tsui 、 Lin Chaoxian co directed , Screenwriter LAN Xiaolong ( Representative work 《 Soldier assault 》《 My head, my regiment 》). It is said that the script has been prepared for five years , Just the first draft of the script 13 swastika . The film takes the battle of Changjin Lake in the second battle of the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea as the background , It tells the fighting spirit and moving story of the volunteers , Wu Jing 、 Yi Gai Qianxi plays a pair of brothers , Actors and Duan Yihong 、 Hu Jun 、 Zhu Yawen et al .《 Changjin Lake 》 In costume props 、 The number of cast members has set a new record , There are three directors with different styles , It should be worth looking forward to in terms of war scenes and stories .

《 Me and my parents 》 There are also Wu Jing , Just as a director . The film and 《 My country and I 》《 My hometown and I 》 It's the same series , It is also a series of films focusing on feelings , By Wu Jing 、 Zhang ziyi 、 Xu Zheng 、 Shen Teng's four actors cross-border direct .

《 Me and my parents 》 It tells the struggle experience of four generations of parents , By Zhang Yimou 、 Song Jia 、 Huang Huang 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 Sha Yi and others . The first two of the series are the National Day box office champions , This lineup is not as good as the first two , But it should also be competitive .

《 Railway hero 》 Adapted from the true deeds of the heroes of the Anti Japanese War of the Lunan railway team , By Zhang Hanyu 、 Fan Wei 、 Wei Chen 、 Zhou also 、 Yu Haoming, etc , The director is Yang Feng . The story of railway guerrillas has been interpreted in many versions , This version is from “ A young perspective ” Cut in .

Jia Haiwen, manager of Nanjing Lumiere cinema, said , at present , Cinema attendance is controlled at 75%. In order to make the audience feel at ease , The cinema is ready for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control , Arrange special personnel to disinfect and clean the designated area regularly , Yes, the cinema projection Hall 、 lobby 、 corridor 、 equipment , TOILET 、 Ticket machines 、 Merchandise area 、 Public areas, seats and other key areas , Conduct daily at least 2 The second is spray disinfection . meanwhile , Cinema for seat armrest 、3D Glasses and other things that the audience has direct contact with , Perform each disinfection .

Xinhua Daily · Meeting point reporter Zhou Xian

source : Xinhua Daily

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