Text editor emeditor v20.8.0 with genuine activation key

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The software is introduced

EmEditor It's a powerful Windows Text editor , Macro support 、Unicode, It can also handle big data and CSV file , It can be applied to various fields , Including Web Design 、 Programming 、 Edit or publish 、 Database management 、 The server Management and so on .

Software screenshot

New features

zh-cn.emeditor.com/category/emeditor-core 2021.06.09 v20.8.0 Repair the v20.7 Previous mistakes , The error will be in use DirectWrite Open binary ( Hexadecimal view ) A crash occurred while the file was in format Repair the v20.7 Previous questions , among Ctrl+ The rotation direction of the roller is opposite in the print preview Repair the v20.7 Potential crash problems with previous Mini maps Repair the v20.7 Previous DirectWrite Potential crash problems in mode Repair the v20.7 Previous CSV Separator count problem Fixed problems reported by users (1,2,3,4,5,6)

Activation key

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