Kubesphere 3.0 pipeline creation interface is not displayed

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The fault phenomenon

according to   Use KubeSphere establish DevOps engineering finish building DevOps After the project , Click Create pipeline , as follows :

Create an empty pipeline , Name it java, The code warehouse can not add , All advanced settings are unchecked , Click Create :

 KubeSphere3.0 Create pipeline interface, no display _pipeline

Once you've created it , I found that the interface is not what I just created java Empty pipeline . Here, if you are using a general authorized account to create a pipeline , There is no error message on the interface , But if you are using admin Account creation pipeline , The following error message will be displayed .

 KubeSphere3.0 Create pipeline interface, no display _openldap_02

According to the error message above, you will be prompted Internal Server Error and Jenkins, Can't see the specific problem , We need to look at specific services or pod Log for further fault location .


Prompt according to the error message on the interface , We see Jenkins There may be some problems , Let's take a look at ks-jenkins Next pod Container log :

 KubeSphere3.0 Create pipeline interface, no display _k8s_03

Jenkins It uses openldap, Users will not be created directly . During installation, it will be used for openldap Initialize creation admin user , Looks like admin The user didn't write OpenLDAP.

Fault handling

In the activation of devops Execute on the cluster of components :

kubectl patch users admin -p '{"spec":{"password":"<yourpassword>"}}' --type='merge' && kubectl annotate users admin iam.kubesphere.io/password-encrypted-

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Reference documents

 cannot create pipeline via ks

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