Take a look: Ma Yashu's son is the "most handsome star second generation", and the hybrid gene is obviously too long

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 09:51:38

Many hybrids have very high looks , Have a hybrid gene , It makes their facial features very outstanding ! Now many stars are married abroad , And give birth to a hybrid baby , There are a lot of Star II's face value is very high ! The next star Xiaobian wants to talk about is Ma Yashu , She is also a actress with both beauty and acting skills !

Mention Ma Yashu , She went through two marriages , Ma Yashu and Wu Qilong had a marriage before , It is blessed by many people , But then they parted ways , And after their divorce , What's more, there was a lot of noise , Ma Yashu also exposed many scandals about Wu Qilong !

Now Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi are happily married , Ma Yashu married her foreign husband Robert , Robert and his ex-wife gave birth to a daughter , After she married, she became a stepmother , But it can be seen that her relationship with her stepdaughter is still very good ! Ma Yashu gave birth to a son and a daughter after marriage !

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