Yan Ni's middle-aged counterattack, tight fitting clothes, small and manly waist, not losing the young people, and her real appearance is exposed

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For women , At any age , All have the right to make themselves more beautiful , Take Yan Ni for example , Once she had a slightly fat curve and a rustic dress , It does have the charm of a middle-aged woman , But with the awakening of self beauty consciousness , Under the exercise and maintenance of self-discipline , Yan Ni, who has lost weight, has a younger temperament , Plus the improvement of dressing taste , The whole person's state has also been greatly improved , Showing an enviable inverse age state , Good figure and clothes can be seen , It can really change a woman's temperament and charm . Yan Ni's middle-aged counter attack , Tight fitting clothes show a small waist and don't lose young people , Make a picture to expose your true appearance .

Wear analysis

Since losing weight , Yan Ni's clothes also show an open state , Simple sweaters and little black pants can wear a sense of fashion , Although in the graph state , The whole person's face still shows a certain aging trend , But from the aspect of overall modeling and fashion sense , It's still a good way to save the overall personal image . When choosing a simple base solid sweater , Use purple that can show women's mature romantic charm , Better create their own mature charm , And this color brightens and whitens the overall skin color , It also has a good help, just right short design , With the combination of high waist small black pants , It can not only highlight the slim curve , At the same time, the exposed navel area can also create a fashionable atmosphere of age reduction , Instantly make the whole person's state tender .

Color selection

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