Renmei's business is strong and love is sweet. She becomes a winner in life under the age of 30. How does she do it?

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 09:51:23

When 25 Year old Barbara · Parvin went to the show , There is another shining star in the supermodel world

Every time I see Barbara and her boyfriend Dylan · A group photo of spruce , There is a feeling that the sweetness exceeds the standard . The true feelings of the young couple when they look at each other , It makes people shout “ I really want to take off the order ” ah .

Barbara's boyfriend is an actor , Different from the emotional relationship of on-off and on-off in the entertainment circle , The two have maintained a stable and sweet state for nearly 4 year , The most striking , Every time they go to public , Will wear the feeling of tacit love clothes , Right and fashionable .

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