With only two days left, book the new Samsung Galaxy Z series to take you beyond your imagination

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samsung Galaxy Z Series of new products Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G The full booking activity is in progress , The two products are designed with a new folding screen 、 Exquisite craftsmanship and upgraded vertical interactive experience , It has attracted the favor of the majority of consumers , Among them, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Meteorite black 、 Valley green and Xuechuan silver ,12GB+512GB Version suggested retail price 14,999 element ; samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Moonlight Champagne 、 Meteorite coast 、 Summer night forest 、 Dream Aurora four personalized and fashionable colors ,8GB+128GB Version suggested retail price 7,599 element ,8GB+256GB Version suggested retail price 7,999 element . at present , There are only two days left for the full reservation , Consumers who want to buy a machine and enjoy the rights and interests of full booking activities must not miss the good opportunity to place an order .

Consumers who make an appointment and successfully purchase in the full reservation activity , Have a chance to enjoy the folding screen 12 A month's discount for screen change , Exchange old models for new models 、APP And game packs and 12 Interest free installment and other benefits . Besides , Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G The consumer , You can also get a chance to get a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Flip cover protective sleeve ( attach S Pen), as well as 12 Months WPS members , enjoy “ Folding screen +S Pen” Efficient productivity experience with office applications . Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G The consumer , Then you can choose between old for new and hedging for new , Among them, consumers who choose to maintain their value and replace them with new ones , Can be in the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip After the new folding screen is officially sold in China , More easily upgrade to the next generation , And continue to enjoy the cutting-edge technology experience and fashionable lifestyle brought by Samsung folding screen mobile phones .

Between square inches Feel the charm of the folding screen

As the latest masterpiece of Samsung folding screen , samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G It fully shows Samsung's advantages in screen technology , It continuously optimizes the folding screen design , Give consumers a more immersive folding screen experience , And by enhancing the durability of the overall fuselage , Let users feel more at ease , At the same time, it also points out the direction for the future development of folding screen .

First , Samsung in Galaxy Z Fold3 5G A new UDC Off screen camera technology , Above the camera aperture on the home screen , Allocate a certain amount of pixels , To achieve immersive screen visual effects . Thanks to the blessing of this technology , In the use of Galaxy Z Fold3 5G No visual interference during internal viewing and entertainment , Enjoy the immersive large screen experience at any time . The samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G The inner screen is equipped with 6.7 Inch enhanced ultra-thin flexible glass folding screen , Support 120Hz Adaptive refresh rate , Provides a smoother visual and operational experience . The external screen is increased to that of the previous generation 4 times , achieve 1.9 Inch , Cooperate with the information screen to remind 、 Samsung Zhifu 、 Widget function and custom wallpaper , The mobile phone can be easily used without opening the internal screen of the mobile phone . Coupled with the exquisite and compact body and unique color matching , Make it more fashionable

In the fuselage material , samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G All adopt stronger “ Armored aluminum ” Materials and support IPX8 Water proof grade , The screen covers a more malleable PET Material protective film , It improves the durability of the screen 80%, meanwhile , The built-in hinge structure also makes shorter brushes than the previous generation , It can better block the entry of dust and particles , And can still withstand up to 20 Ten thousand opening and closing , The durability and practicability of the new generation of folding screen mobile phones have been comprehensively improved .

Liberating hands Enjoy the wild life

Samsung has been exploring the interactive mode of folding screen , It provides consumers with a richer and more efficient personalized experience . For different folding forms , Samsung has opened a new folding era with innovative vertical interaction mode . Among them, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G adopt S Pen The blessing of function , Fully released the productivity of folding screen mobile phones . Exclusive to Samsung folding screen mobile phone S Pen And the newly upgraded adaptive split screen function , With vertical interactive mode , samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Our mobile office capacity has been greatly improved . The user can display the video conference in the upper half of the screen , The lower half uses S Pen Take notes , Realize real-time meeting recording , Easier to operate .

In vertical interactive mode , Make social entertainment life more convenient and interesting . samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G With the help of invisible hinges , It can realize multi angle rotation stop . When we were shooting , Open and close the screen to a certain angle , The camera interface will automatically enter the adaptive split screen mode , The top half of the screen becomes the viewfinder , The lower part of the screen provides some common operation keys of the camera . And through multitasking , Users can use the upper half of the screen to watch the play 、 read , At the same time, reply to wechat messages with the lower half of the screen . During a video call with a friend , There is no need to hold , Free your hands to deal with more things .

A new generation of Samsung Galaxy Z Series of new products with a more immersive folding screen visual experience 、 Rugged fuselage and user expected vertical interaction mode , It will set off a new wave of folding screen mobile phones . At present, the full booking activity is still in progress , To 9 month 10 Japan , samsung Galaxy Z The first sale of the new series will be officially launched , If you want to feel the charm of the latest folding screen , Unlock the surprise experience , These two products are definitely the best choice !

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