Opening the wave field of "ten thousand chain interconnection" will start the capacity expansion cross chain solution bttc

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Since the birth of bitcoin , All kinds of applications and playing methods are emerging in the encryption world , Innovation iterations are several times faster than traditional Internet . But strictly speaking , These improvements just stay at the application level , The pain point of blockchain infrastructure has not been fundamentally solved .

In a nutshell , The public chain is highly decentralized , Data processing efficiency cannot be guaranteed , At the same time, they have poor compatibility with each other , This makes it difficult for data and assets to flow across systems efficiently . These two major problems are with the outbreak of on Chain Applications , More sharp .

so to speak , The encryption world is hard to expand across the chain for a long time . Under such background and demand , By wave field TRON The cross chain expansion solution launched by the public chain BitTorrent Chain(BTTC) emerge as the times require . 

One 、 The new vision for the global financial community , Contain epoch-making significance  

9 month 3 Japan , Sun Yuchen, founder of wave field, talked about the new vision of wave field BitTorrent Chain The official launch of , Published an open letter to the community . Sun Yuchen introduced , Cross chain expansion solution of wave field BTTC Will be in 10 month 30 Day of launch . future , first floor (Layer1), That is, the wave field agreement is positioned as the global clearing layer , It mainly provides clearing services for financial institutions ; And the second layer (Layer2), namely BTTC, As a cross Ethereum 、 Wave field and BSC Cross chain capacity expansion solution .

It is worth mentioning that ,BTTC Completely decentralized , Its nodes can participate in the wave field super representative election , And obtain pledge rewards through voting pledge .


Sun Yuchen posted an open letter on his microblog  

Sun Yuchen also mentioned in his letter , since 2018 year 6 month 25 Since the official launch of Japan , The total assets on the wave field chain have exceeded 500 Billion dollars , The total lock up amount has broken through 100 Billion dollars . But what attracts more attention is , The daily clearing transaction volume handled by the wave field agreement exceeds 100 Billion dollars , Comparable to Ethereum . Compared with the traditional financial transfer network , The one-day clearing amount of wave field has reached the global electronic payment giant Paypal Of 5 times .

Support of objective data , It gives the foundation for the wave field agreement to redefine the vision . According to the plan , Wave field aims to provide decentralized security for global financial institutions 、 Efficient 、 Low cost and intelligent clearing services , And in the wave of popularization of digital assets , Step by step SWIFT An alternative . 

According to sun Yuchen's analysis , Global Banking Financial Telecommunication Association (SWIFT) As the bottom of the liquidation , It is an information and capital communication tool for all financial institutions in the world . But following the traditional telecommunications model SWIFT It has been born for more than 48 years , Low communication efficiency 、 High use cost 、 Lack of information and intelligence 、 No interoperability + Open source and other disadvantages , It is determined that it cannot adapt to the explosive development trend of Internet data . Blockchain relies on the distributed processing capability of data , Or will become an alternative technical solution . This one trillion level global Internet Financial underlying application market , It will be a wave field , And all blockchain entrepreneurs .


Technical documentation of wave field

But for now , Truly become “ The next generation SWIFT” This grand goal , It may be too early . Because the cycle is quite long , Because we need to cross traditional finance 、 Internet circle , And different areas such as cryptofinance . However, there is a way to realize the interoperability of multi chain assets through heterogeneous cross chain BTTC after , The common chain of wave field is used as Layer1 At least it can meet the liquidation of cross chain assets first , In the world of encryption , Play the role “ De centralization SWIFT” This role . Of course , All these are hidden under the dream of bigger wave field ——“ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ”. This is also the solution to the biggest pain point in the encryption world mentioned above . 

Two 、“ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” Create a trillions of Internet value ecology

“ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ”, It means information barriers and asset barriers on each public chain , Will be broken , Data and value flow unimpeded . meanwhile ,“ Cross chain communication ” Technical means can be adopted in the encryption world , Highly fragmented 、 Decentralized resources will be effectively integrated , The public chains that can be expanded are interconnected on this basis . In a standard and unified development environment , The development speed of high-quality applications may accelerate , This is a change for the blockchain industry , It will be a deeper innovation . And to the traditional Internet world , It means more concrete and intuitive , And more imaginative business dividends . 

Just like Ali 、 Giants like tencent , Once you get through the data 、 Develop ecology , Release a lot of innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities , The future Internet industry may be another pattern .


Wave field official website page

Inspired by the attractive ecological picture , The wave field has already pointed to “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ”, And be prepared for it . Go back , The bull market opened at the end of last year and DeFi In the heat , When I gradually ranked at the top of the public chain track , It has been secretly laid out . This year, 2 End of month ,Odaily The daily planet once wrote in 《 Another wave field under the noise 》 The article analyzes , since DeFi Since the outbreak , The external public chain that undertakes the most value spillover from Ethereum network is just wave field . 

There are two main reasons behind :Polkadot The new era public chain was not fully prepared at that time , This gives “ Husband chain ” The wave field leaves a rare time window ,2018 A public chain that has matured years or earlier , stay DeFi The foundation has been compacted before the outbreak ; what's more , Wave field virtual machine (TVM) And Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) The environment is similar , Developers on the existing Ethereum chain do not need to learn new programming languages , It can be quickly developed on the wave field chain 、 Debug and compile smart contracts , This also makes the end-user experience , The two are also closer .

so , Compatible with Ethereum virtual machine , It is a key move for wave field to realize cross chain interworking . With this advantage and its own technical iteration , In the next few months , With DeFi Boom and NFT The carnival took turns , The core data of wave field common chain performs better . According to the Tronscan data display , The total number of wave field network transactions exceeds 24 Billion 、 The total number of accounts exceeds 5200 ten thousand , Compare with 2 Data at the end of the month , The growth rates are 59% and 140%.


The data displayed on the wave field browser page  

Taste the dividend in seizing the ecological share of Ethereum 、 Sun Yuchen, who is more and more brave , Intended to further expand the results . He said in an open letter ,BTTC As a heterogeneous chain cross chain interoperability expansion protocol , Will be compatible with the wave field at the same time 、 Ethereum and BSC. That is, through BTTC, Unrestricted transfer of assets can be realized between mainstream public chains . in addition ,BTTC It will also be fully compatible with Ethereum virtual machines EVM, Can make all EVM Developers quickly migrate applications to wave fields , Provide high-speed services for applications on Ethereum 、 Low cost new environment . 

meanwhile , Sun Yuchen, who has always been generous , It was announced in the letter , Will invest in 10 $billion to encourage Ethereum project to move to BTTC On . This series of actions , Jointly point to a vision ——BTTC In the future, it will be compatible with more public chains , Realization “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ”.


Some core data are listed on the homepage of the official website of wave field  

Corresponding to the grand narrative , In fact, sun Yuchen, the founder, came from 2018 year 6 Since the official launch of the monthly wave field , Consistent adherence to the public chain track . Although he himself , Because of too much ink on marketing and packaging , And get a lot of criticism . When the wave field went online, it was also questioned , But from the current performance , It has become the first echelon of the public chain track . 

Continuous research and development of coding technology , It is another side of sun Yuchen and his team that is not well known to outsiders . Sun Yuchen accepted... At the beginning of this year Odaily In an interview with planet daily, it was revealed that , In the past 4 year , The annual R & D cost of the wave field is up to 10 One hundred million yuan . Look at the crowd “ Domestic public chain ” project , They went online at the same time as the wave field or even earlier , And because of its own aura, it is given high hopes , But in the end it was silent .

The wave field led by sun Yuchen , stay “ Domestic public chain ” Stand out from the great defeat of the collective enemy , It took three years to get better , Even “ King of the chain ” The etheric fang , Or the capacity expansion cross chain solution will be started in the wave field BTTC after , In the face of the icy attack, he suffered a lot of impact . After all , Realization “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” The ultimate vision of this encrypted world , It's a wave field from behind .

3、 ... and 、“ Communication technology + financial innovation ” The paradigm of linkage , Implies the changing trend of the future world   

In short , Wave field system Layer1 and Layer2 Complement each other in positioning , The former provides security and consensus support for the latter , The latter is one of the most important application scenarios of the former in the future . The synergy between the two , The essence is derived from the iteration of technology upgrading 、 Value efficient flow of dividends . This benign interaction will be in the encrypted world , Prosper the public chain ecology by cross chain and capacity expansion , Promote the mutual transmission of values .

In other words , Wave field dominated “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ”, Will focus on promoting “ The next generation of decentralized SWIFT” The landing and application of , That is, a unified decentralized underlying protocol standard , Get through the data and value on each public chain , And intensively complete data clearing , Serve as the hub of world value transformation on the chain ; and “ The next generation of decentralized SWIFT” with “ Technology + Finance ” Properties of , At the application level , For the bottom “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” Attract a steady flow of capital 、 Information flow and user flow , prosperity “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” The ecology of .

But as mentioned earlier , With the acceleration of the digital process , There will be many unexpected changes in human society , It's like 10 Years ago, the public could not imagine the sense of science and technology and the degree of convenience in today's society . And the wave field passes through “Layer1+Layer2" The resonance effect achieved , Its influence may extend far beyond the encrypted world , Because he is a kind of ” Communication technology + financial innovation “ The paradigm of linkage , As technology matures 、 In a more open environment , It may penetrate into the Internet industry and even the public life , Let the previously existing only in the imagination , Hard to achieve commercial value .

For example, the free circulation of super sovereign digital assets , Bring the resource endowments of the least developed countries into full play , Even a war-torn country like Afghanistan , Or extremely poor African countries , It can also indirectly pass through the innovative power of the wave field , Enjoy the dividends of transnational capital , Inspire the value of every humble corner . besides , The popularity of this paradigm , The concept of mass consumption and entrepreneurship , It will also be a baptism . In a more open and inclusive atmosphere , Human trial and error, new genes are gradually ignited , And become a round of innovation that spreads to all industries . The dual evolution of environment and mind , Will rewrite the underlying logic of business history faster .


Here's the thing to watch , The wave field is intended to achieve “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” Pattern , And now is in the wind “ Meta universe ” The idea is highly compatible . It is also the business blue ocean created by technology iteration and upgrading ,“ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” and “ Meta universe ”, Are committed to breaking the gap between virtual and reality , The imagination of previous users , Restore to real time and space . Relying on decentralized governance structure , And under the framework of sharing economy , Both will amplify the dividends derived from technological innovation and mechanism innovation , And feed back to the participants in this process . According to Bloomberg Industry Research (Bloomberg Intelligence) expect , The market scale of metauniverse will be in 2024 reach 8000 Billion dollars , Approaching trillion . 

Whether the wave field can pass “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” And its commonness with the meta universe , In human social behavior, the overall transition to data space , And the historical trend of large-scale digitization of assets , Successfully stirred nearly trillion yuan of cosmic market space , It will take time to test . But to succeed or not , At the moment , Aim to achieve “ Ten thousand chains are interconnected ” The wave field of the , A meaningful technical and financial experiment may be under way .

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