SpaceX disclosed the production data of the first star chain terminal: about 5000 per week and 250000 per year

TechWeb 2021-09-15 09:48:08

【TechWeb】9 month 9 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , stay 9 month 7 Day at the 2021 The annual SATELLITE At the conference , spacex SpaceX Chief financial officer (CFO) Brett · Johnson (Bret Johnson) Revealed the first specific star chain user terminal ( The antenna ) The production data .


Johnson said ,SpaceX At present, about... Are produced every week 5000 A star chain user terminal , It's equivalent to producing... Every year 25 Ten thousand user terminals .

It is reported that ,SpaceX CEO Musk in 2015 year 1 The month announced “ Star chain ” Satellite Internet service project , The project aims to provide users around the world with high-speed Internet access , Especially in rural and remote areas .

The company first launched a beta Satellite Internet Service , The tester needs to pay monthly 99 The basic cost of dollars , And pay for 499 The terminal receiving equipment can be obtained at an upfront cost of USD 、 Tripods and WiFi Star link devices including routers . at present , The company's star chain project is still in the testing stage .

Foreign media said , Limited terminal production capacity and limited satellite deployment , Has proved to be SpaceX Two key bottlenecks in the ability to provide full coverage to all users who register their star chain Internet services .

Johnson said ,SpaceX At the earliest possible time 2021 Fourth quarter of 2007 , Next month , Launch updates 、 Cheaper terminals , At the same time, greatly expand production .

As report goes ,SpaceX On 2019 year 11 The satellite chain satellite was launched in June . so far , The company has launched 1700 Multi star chain satellite . The company said , It is planned to increase this number significantly in the next few years . The company's goal is to 2024 Annual deployment over 4000 satellite .( Little fox )

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