Multi agency digital RMB b-end payment scenario may push back the popularity of retail payment and explore a feasible business model

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In the near future , Many organizations are announcing , Trying to force the digital RMB B Related attempts in the end scenario .

According to the financial Associated Press reporter , JD has made payment to two supplier partners in digital RMB , At the same time, in its “ Jingdong enterprise purchases ” On the platform , Purchasing enterprises can use “ Enterprises are easy to pay ” The payment method in RMB will pay the payment to JD . Besides , Many banks are also trying to in the supply chain 、 Digital RMB is used in many scenarios such as enterprise trade .

Some insiders said , Digital RMB tests the water B End payment , both C Extension of end retail payment , It will also further promote C Development of end retail payment . Different from traditional payment channels , The digital RMB can make “ information flow ” And “ Capital flow ” Fit , This can improve B Efficiency of end payment , Or will collide with more sparks .

A few coins can make “ information flow ” And “ Capital flow ” Fit

Digital RMB itself is innovation , The most important value of innovation is to improve efficiency 、 Solve problems that cannot be broken through by existing methods “ ills ”. On the premise of mature technology , If digital RMB is used in B End scene , Can make “ information flow ” And “ Capital flow ” Become , Make the transaction more smooth and efficient .

According to the relevant person in charge of Jingdong technology , In the process of enterprise procurement , Enterprises place orders online , Then, offline transfer payment is often used to pay for the goods . This means that the order forms “ information flow ” And transfer “ Capital flow ” It's separate. , Therefore, the platform must hire someone to perform reconciliation , Find out which fund corresponds to which order .

Of course , It is impossible for an enterprise to reconcile manually , But even if there is technology in the background to match funds with orders , It still takes manpower and material resources .

Digital RMB is different . Some insiders think , The digital RMB itself is a currency , Its flow direction has formed “ Capital flow ”. And its characteristics of carrying information , It means that using digital RMB is “ information flow ” And “ Capital flow ” Unite . in other words , Use digital RMB to pay for the goods , It can be omitted. “ Reconciliation ” link , So as to improve transaction efficiency . This is also one of the original intentions of the introduction of digital RMB .

Besides ,“ information flow ” And “ Capital flow ” Fit , Or it can touch more with the development of Supply Chain Finance “ spark ”. Some insiders think , The development of digital RMB “ Traceability ” And can carry “ Intelligent contract ” Characteristics of , It can help lending institutions prevent capital risks after lending .

Digital RMB is in B The same is true in the end supply chain . A person from a state-owned bank said , Supply chain finance is mainly based on a large enterprise 、 Orders from enterprises or platforms with good credit , A way to help small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in their supply chain to finance . The pain point of banks doing this kind of business is , Whether the order is true 、 Whether the whereabouts of enterprise funds are controllable , So as to judge the risk of the loan .“ If digital RMB is used as a means of payment , These problems can be effectively solved .”

The above bankers also said frankly , Although many banks have tested blockchain technology in the supply chain , This means that the information side can be “ It can be traced back to ”、 carrying “ Intelligent contract ”, However, blockchain technology alone is still unable to achieve “ information flow ” And “ Capital flow ” The combination of . This is also a very mature electronic payment system in China's financial system , One of the reasons why we have to build a digital RMB .

Force B End or backward push retail payment popularity

The central bank has said many times , Digital RMB is a retail central bank digital currency , It is mainly used to meet domestic retail payment demand .

Wang Pengbo, senior analyst of Broadcom financial industry, introduced ,“ Retail payments ” Literally , This usually mainly refers to C End retail consumption , But whether the popularity of digital RMB application in the future , And the increase in innovation , Do not rule out “ Retail payments ” The connotation and extension of . But on the other hand , Digital RMB force B End payment , both C Extension of end retail payment , It will also further promote C Development of end retail payment .

Actually , The digital RMB has been vigorously laid C End retail scenario . And in the C In the end retail scenario , Enterprises 、 The layout of the merchant end is an essential part .

According to the previous central bank release 《 White paper on R & D Progress of digital RMB in China 》 data display , By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , The pilot scenario of digital RMB has exceeded 132 m , Covering living expenses 、 Food and Beverages 、 Transportation 、 Shopping consumption 、 Government services and other fields , Open a personal wallet 2087 More than a , Corporate Wallet 351 More than a , Cumulative number of transactions 7075 More than ten thousand 、 About 345 One hundred million yuan .

Wang Pengbo thinks ,B After the end merchant accepts the consumer's payment in digital RMB , In addition to the free transfer of digital RMB to the bank card account , If the merchant can continue to purchase digital RMB 、 Direct use of payment in advance, etc , And it's more convenient than using bank transfer before , Or it will further promote merchants' enthusiasm to promote digital RMB , Push backward C End consumer use .

“ in other words , Do... With traditional third-party payments B2B Different payment services , Digital RMB is positioned in retail payment , It means getting through in the end B2B2C This payment chain .” Wang Pengbo said ,C The end retail payment application will be the ultimate goal of promoting digital RMB , and B End payment is extension and expansion .

B End or become a place to explore business model

Earlier, Mu Changchun, director of the Institute of statistics of the central bank, said publicly , Commercial banks do not charge customers for digital RMB withdrawal and redemption service fees . But in the process of digital RMB Promotion , To ensure that the interests of small banks and institutions cannot be damaged by cooperation , To find a win-win business model or business model to .

however , Although many listed companies have laid out the industrial chain of digital RMB , However, a relatively complete business model has not been formed yet . Some insiders think , be relative to C In terms of the , Force B The end payment business will better form a win-win business model .

From the promotion process of third-party payment , Consumers have never paid for the convenience of payment , The main charging object of third-party payment is B End merchant . The same may be true in the promotion and use of digital RMB .

“ From a foreseeable point of view , There may be several possible profit models . For example, in terms of infrastructure , Transformation of digital RMB system by banks and commercial institutions , There will be a certain profit margin .” Some insiders said , At present, such as Jingdong Technology 、 China information and other institutions have made efforts here , This market may have a development space of 100 billion yuan .

More Than This , A business person of a technology company said in an interview with the financial Associated Press , The biggest difference between digital RMB and traditional payment is that it can carry “ Intelligent contract ”. therefore , This may be one of the directions in which digital RMB may form a business model in the future .

Besides , Some people in the industry believe that , With the continuous expansion and attempt of digital RMB application scenarios , The upstream and downstream of this industry may collide with more sparks , more 、 More innovative profit models will continue to emerge .

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